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Posted on Oct 10, 2006 in Games PR

PR: War In The Pacific Updated

Armchair General

War In The Pacific Updated
New Version 1.802 Improves Gameplay

Staten Island, NY, October 10th, 2006 – Matrix Games ( together with 2by3 Games ( and Michel Wood are pleased to deliver a new update for the popular wargame War In The Pacific. This update is now available from the Matrix Games public FTP and the game updates section of the Matrix Games website.

The version 1.802 update includes a host of minor updates and improvements such as improving airgroup control as well as number of improvements that increase turn processing efficiency. The play-by-email synchronization bug has also been squashed in this update so now the focus can be on squashing the opponent! These improvements round out the list of over 70 minor changes included in this patch.


This new update is an incremental update with a comprehensive update to follow later.

War in the Pacific: The Struggle Against Japan 1941-1945™” is a completely new strategy game, based on the award winning “Uncommon Valor” game engine. The scale is 60 miles per hex and losses are individual vehicles, aircraft, guns and squads. Since half the planet Earth is covered by the titanic Pacific struggle, the game is massive in scope, covering thousands of ships tens of thousands of aircraft. There are 15 campaigns included with the game, which can be played against the computer opponent, hot seat, by secure email. War in the Pacific now gives you the chance to fight the entire war your way on every level.

For more information on War in the Pacific visit the Matrix Games website at and pay special attention to our forums for the latest scoop on War In The Pacific.