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Posted on Nov 29, 2006 in Games PR

PR: War Front: Turning Point Multiplayer Demo Released

Armchair General

War Front: Turning Point Multiplayer Demo Released

Today CDV Software Entertainment USA and 10tacle Studios AG released a new multiplayer demo for War Front: Turning Point, the alternate-history RTS currently in development by Digital Reality. The game will be published in North America by CDV Software Entertainment USA, shipping to retail there on February 19, 2007.

The 510 MB demo contains the following key features:
– Two playable sides (Germans and Allies)
– One 1 vs. 1 map, and one 3 vs. 3 player map
– Skirmish mode – playable against the AI
– A full tutorial
– Tech level 2 and 3 units available from the start, along with several super weapons

The demo can be found at the official War Front: Turning Point website at or at the following mirrors:


– WorthPlaying

– 3D Gamers

– FileFront;6264164;;/fileinfo.html

– GameZone

– GamersHell

– Internode

What would happen if Hitler had been assassinated early on in WWII and the German war engine came under control of a new regime? Digital Reality and CDV aim to answer that question in War Front: Turning Point, bringing gamers an "alternate history" real-time strategy game. Gamers will be exposed to a whole new WWII timeline, new battles and a variety of secret and experimental weapons. Stunning graphics and a refreshing plot will keep gamers pinned to their PCs as they attempt to alter or ensure the outcome of vastly different World War II.