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Posted on Jan 29, 2008 in Games PR

PR: Universe at War: Earth Assault

Armchair General

Petroglyph’s next project; Universe at War: Earth Assault, is an epic sci-fi RTS set on near-future Earth. Terrible and potent alien forces have brought their galaxy-spanning war to our planet’s doorstep.

Save the world or destroy it as you take charge of several unique factions with awesome powers and spectacular units. Control massive-scale alien war machines that are fully customizable. With on-the-fly tactical customization, you can dynamically swap out weaponry, rework your tech tree, and retrain units in the middle of combat to thwart your foe and seize the advantage. This advance on the traditional rock-paper-scissors model of balance gives players even more control over how they respond and adapt to their opponent’s strategies.

The entire globe is at your command, as you manage resources, armies, and territories in the real-time strategic mode. As your heroes lead your forces into enemy territory, you will be taken into fast-paced tactical battles where the emphasis is on combat and action. A seamless integration of both the strategic and tactical mode allows you to call in reinforcements from other territories while engaged in ground warfare and take tactical troops back to the strategic level when you win so you can use them in later battles.


Universe at War: Earth Assault for the Xbox 360 features streamlined console controls to facilitate competitive PC vs Xbox 360 gameplay. The game also features innovative multiplayer features inspired by today’s top MMOs and competitive online environments, giving players achievements, rewards, and medals but in a balanced environment. Each of the game’s factions will have unique paths to victory with completely different styles of play, allowing players from across the globe to battle it out in persistent-style online “campaigns” for ultimate faction supremacy.

Partial Feature List:
• On-the-fly customization lets you adapt dynamically to your opponent, raising the stakes of battle
• Unique multiplayer achievements and modes that are new to the RTS genre
• Dual-layer of tactical and global gameplay
• Special hero units
• Massive-scale units that dwarf conventional RTS units
• Real-world, modern-day environments
• Three unique factions, not including the introductory military faction, which players can control as they learn the game
• Streamlined UI that doesn’t clutter your view of the battle