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Posted on May 8, 2007 in Games PR

PR: Theatre of War Video Contest!

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Battlefront YouTube Channel:

Theatre of War Contest Group:

Theatre of War is a real time tactical wargame simulating epic battles during World War Two. It is rich in detail, tracking the fate and skill of each individual soldier. As such, it is full of epic moments, heroic moments, spectacular moments, funny moments…

Introducing the Theatre of War Video Contest! Capture the best "wow, you gotta see this" in-game moment and post the video footage in Battlefront’s YouTube channel! Let the users vote for their favorite videos, and from the top 10 voted entries Battlefront and 1C Company are going to select the Grand Prize winner.


The winner will receive a flight ticket to Moscow to meet with the 1C Company developers, including among other things visa support, and a stay in a nice hotel for up to two nights.

Additionally, 10 Theatre of War posters or T-shirts (winner’s choice) will be given away for free to the best voted 10 entries.

And lastly, everyone who votes has a chance to win one of 10 T-shirts or posters as well.

Theatre of War Video Contest Rules

There are no restrictions on what you can upload other than:

– it has to be SOLELY in-game footage depicting Theatre of War gameplay

– you have to use either the free demo version ( ) or the full international (english) release version of the game. No purchase of the release version of the game is required to participate in this contest!

– you may edit the audio and video, but excessive editing might exclude you from the contest if you use excessive profanity, nudity and other offensive elements. retains the exclusive and indisputable right to remove contest entries which it deems unsuitable for any reason.

– the video has to be recorded by you and you may not use other recordings, explicitely forbidding the use of copyrighted recordings or materials.

The contest is going to run from today for a period of three months, August 7th, 2007. YouTube users are invited to vote for the "best" videos during this period. From all the voters, 10 will be randomly drawn to receive a T-shirt or poster (at their choice). It may be the funniest video that you rate highest, or the most stunning video, or simply the one which you like the most. You can vote for as many videos as you like.

After the voting period ends, is going to:

– reward the top 10 rated videos with a signed Theatre of War poster -OR- a Theatre of War T-shirt (your choice)

– randomly select 10 voters and award them a T-shirt or poster each (your choice)

– select the Grand Prize Winner from the top 10 videos (the best voted video does NOT automatically win!)

– the Grand Prize is a ticket to Moscow for one person, and hotel for 1 person for 2 days, and a meeting with the 1C deleveoper team of Theatre of War! Should the winner be under 18 years of age, an alternative first Prize of similar value will be agreed upon.

Footnotes and Disclaimers

All other YouTube regulations apply. The contest rules may be amended at any time, without prior notice, at the sole discretion of & 1C Company. Employees of Battlefront or 1C as well as their family members are excluded from entering videos in this contest, but they may vote. No purchase is necessary to enter the contest or increase one’s chances to win. In order to be eligible for a Prize, you have to fully accept all of the Contest rules. Non-acceptance of said rules leads to automatic disqualification. Battlefront retains the right to reject any entries, for any reason, at its sole discretion. The Grand Prize includes the ticket for 1 person and paid hotel for 2 nights only. No other guarantees or liabilities are assumed by 1C or Battlefront before, during or after the trip.

If you have any questions about the contest, follow this link to the Video Contest discussion board:

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