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Posted on Dec 19, 2007 in Games PR

PR: Techno demo trailer of Underwater Wars game is available for viewing!

Armchair General

Biart Company informs that techno demo trailer, showing the new engine for XBOX360/PC is available for viewing for everyone. The development of this technology was started in our company in 2006. Multiplatform engine – biEngine became the foundation for the high-tech game – Underwater Wars.

Underwater Wars – squad based shooter. This game allows feeling oneself as a fighter of the elite top-secret squad of US Navy Seals. One can find more detailed info on the website of the project.

The game has the following look-and-feel features:

– High-end graphic engine
– Multiplayer mode (XBOX Live)
– XBOX360/PC platforms
– DirectX10 (special edition for Windows Vista)
– 12 missions
– Underwater fighting
– Jet Pack
– Special equipment (hydro-accelerators, mini-submarines, surface machinery) and even previously restricted underwater weapon
– Extensive historical background


– Three types of gameplay:
– Surface areas (mountains, cities, coasts, islands, jungles)
– Underwater territories
– Military objects (sunken bases, top-secret stations, docks for submarines’ mooring, harbors, ports etc.)

One can download the detailed teaser from, and all the screenshots of the game are available at the following link:

Official release date is planned for 2009. At the moment we are trying to choose our worldwide publisher. If you are interested in our project, please, address to the contacts, stated below.

Official website of the game: