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Posted on Feb 23, 2007 in Games PR

PR: Strategic Command 2 v1.06

Armchair General

Strategic Command 2 v1.06 Patch Released Vista Compatible!


Now available for download, the v1.06 Patch for Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg (German and English language versions). This 44 meg patch includes hundreds of enhancements , tweaks, and user suggestions over the original release of the game. In addition, there have been sweeping improvements to the Artificial Intelligence to make it much more aware and adaptable to the abilities and special skills of its units. This should provide a greater challenge to the player and allow for far more dynamic battles and campaigns. There have also been wide ranging improvements to the scripting abilities present in the game editor. These will provide much greater flexibility in naval, airborne and defensive operations. Additionally this patch has been tested and confirmed to work with Windows Vista . It also adds all new widescreen monitor and laptop display support.


Above and beyond all those internal changes, this patch also includes a new player created Map Generator.

MapGen.exe is a utility to create tile maps for Strategic Command 2 from a bitmap. This tile map can then be imported into the Strategic Command 2 Editor and used as a starting point for a new scenario.

This patch is all inclusive (includes all enhancements and fixed from earlier patches) and can be applied to any previous game version ( 1.0-1.05a ). Please see below for important save game compatibility info before patching.


The v1.06 patch is NOT compatible with save games from any previous version ( 1.0-1.05a ). If you have a current game in progress, please it them before patching.


The patch for the German game version is also included.

<< View the full v1.06 Patch Readme Here! >>

Download link for the patch:

v1.06 GAME ENGINE CHANGES (partial list)


– Game now Windows Vista Compatible
– Added multiple resolution including widescreen support for widescreen monitors and laptops
– Optimized transport and naval combat especially carrier attack algorithms with a noticeable difference in speed
– Optimized AI animation and Multiplayer replay routines
– Optimized two path finding algorithms with a noticeable difference in land and naval unit movement calculation speeds (up to 40% faster)
– Fixed a Saved Game file selection error (BioWizard)
– Fixed an interceptor/escort crash error (gravyface1)
– Fixed an AI naval combat crash (Fred)
– Fixed a Properties dialog bug that revealed partially hidden unit research levels under FoW (Bromley)
– Fixed a bug that reduced Battleship/Cruiser attacks across river tiles (Bromley)
– Fixed a DEBUGLOGS crash error (Thrawn)
– Fixed a SETTINGS dialog error for the German/French patch versions (Thrawn)
– Fixed a fortification completion error that caused erroneous completion dates (Terif, Bromley)
– Fixed a FoW movement error when moving land units over a Land + Water tile that would cause a hidden naval unit to dissapear (Anders S, Terif)
– Fixed a timer countdown error that reset the timer over the stroke of midnight (Terif)
– Fixed a bug where HQs, Rockets, AF and Bombers would remain in a threatened city/capital when other units were available to replace them
– Fixed a splash message error (Normal Dude)
– Fixed a rare AI amphibious transport error (Cosmin)
– Fixed an interceptor bug (Terif)
– Fixed a Network chat list error (Terif)
– Fixed a rare combat error (Christopher, Louie M.)
– Fixed a FoW issue with Paratroops during AI/E-mail replay (Anders)
– Fixed a cursor flash error for UNIT scripts (Normal Dude)
– Fixed a Carrier combat bug that caused the game to hang (Fantomas)
– Fixed a customization bug that did not display customized MAIN SCREEN bitmaps under Multiplayer games
– Fixed a DEBUG output error for the ‘planning.log’ (Bill)
– Fixed a bug related to controlled movement (Rhino)
– Fixed a bug related to Bomber spotting range under FoW (SeaMonkey, Terif)
– Fixed a diplomacy hit calculation error (Terif)
– Fixed a Paratroop unit error (Bill, Blashy, Steve Rogers)
– Added a routine to protect default installation paths due to raised errors with customized games (Terif)
– Added a text display in the MAIN SCREEN if you select any of the DEBUG options via the F1, F2 and F3 keys
– Added a skip AI Animation DEBUGANIMATION option by using the F3 key to toggle this on or off
Note, these DEBUG options are only for AI games and are disabled in game (also removed from the screen) if a non AI game is selected
– Changed output directory for the DEBUGLOGS option (F2 Key) from DATALOGS to DEBUGLOGS
– Units that are on a second move after combat are now commited to their final position if playing without UNDO MOVES (BioWizard)
– Updated the error handling message system to skip shutdown of the game when drawing to the war map buffer if an error is raised. This will enable those players that have systems (rare occurence) that do not support the drawing routines used in the war map buffer.


– Added multiple resolution including widescreen support for widescreen monitors and laptops
– Added the following AI/EVENT scripts for the 1939 Fall Weiss campaign (Edwin P):

* USA OFFENSIVE Plan to attack Madrid
* USA OFFENSIVE Plan to attack Marseilles
* USA OFFENSIVE Plan to attack Paris
* 50% for early German OFFENSIVE against Benelux countries
* Alternate German OFFENSIVE plan against Yugoslavia
* German OFFENSIVE plan to attack Gibraltar if Spain is Axis
* 10% French invasion of Rome
* 25% USA AMPHBIOUS invasion of Lisbon if Spain is pro-Axis
*- 50% USA AMPHBIOUS invades Lisbon if Spain is pro-Allied
* 4% UK AMPHBIOUS_MINOR invasion of Norway post Soviet entry
* 3% USA AMPHBIOUS_MINOR raid on Rome
* 3% USA AMPHBIOUS_MINOR raid on Cairo via the Horn of Africa
* 2% USSR AMPHBIOUS_MINOR raid on Bucharest
* 3% German AMPHBIOUS_MINOR raid on London if left unoccupied
* 4% German AMPHBIOUS_MINOR invasion of Norway before the surrender of France
* 25% German AMPHIBIOUS_MINOR invasion of Norway after the surrender of France
* USA PURCHASE script that activates if Lisbon has surrendered to the Allies
* 10% for Germany to attempt Diplomacy on Spain
* 10% USA Bomber Event
* 10% German Submarine Event if Oslo is Axis controlled

– Added the following AI/EVENT scripts for the 1939 Fall Weiss campaign (Thrawn):

* Alternate USA AMPHIBIOUS/FLEET Vichy Algeria Assault script if Gibraltar is controlled by the Axis
* German Portugal OFFENSIVE script if Spain is Axis
* UK Tenth Army Allied AI UNIT event

– Increased all Turkish units that start in cities to entrenchment=4, Ankara unit to entrenchment=6 (Terif)
– Moved eastern Turkish Corps from tile 126,24 to 123,25 (Terif)
– Fixed a few Weather Zone land/sea tile errors (Terif)
– Fixed an Editor ‘Select Map Position’ error
– Fixed a segmentation fault when setting Carriers to ‘Ground’ mode (Normal Dude)
– Fixed a P/Q error with respect to Neutral Minors (Bill)
– Protected file names can no longer be shifted
– Added a more intuitive interface
– Shifting maps now automatically updates related script files
– Updated the WARNING texts as applicable
– Added a Bitmaps\Sprite Guidelines folder under the ‘Extras’ folder. This will help with modding the various game sprites by understanding each individual sprite border (Normal Dude)
– Added an SC2 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE draft to the ‘Extras’ folder
– Added a "MapData" subfolder for each campaign, when saving
– Reduced minimum map width and height from 36×18 to 10×10. This is a result of a fix needed for map sizes less than some newly supported widescreen resolutions