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Posted on Mar 3, 2008 in Games PR

PR: StratCom Design Challenge!

Armchair General and Fury Software are announcing the Strategic Command Design Challenge!

What started off as a forum discussion initiated by forum member Timskorn, quickly attracted a lot of activity and led to some really awesome design ideas for future Strategic Command games. Frankly, it’s been noticed by Hubert and we have now decided to turn this into an officially supported community contest. With Prizes to win!

So give it your best shot! Or multiple! Post your best design ideas and let others rate them. If your idea makes it into a future game, or among the top 5 rated designs, you’re going to win a free copy of a future StratCom game and a spot on the beta testing team.

Here are Timskorn’s original instructions for posting ideas in the Design Challenge:


The challenge with design is complex. You have to weigh in many different factors and intangibles that may not even have anything directly to do with your idea. For every idea should spring forth many more questions. So for this challenge, you will present your idea short and sweet within a tight framework. Your goal is to convince the reader (Ie, typically the designer/programmer) that this is a beneficial addition that has little reason not to be added. Below is the template to use when posting your design concept. It can be as complex or simple as you want, and could even be a design doc on why hexes should replace tiles. A really good design doc would also include picture examples of what you’re trying to describe, but isn’t necessary.

Engine: (Whether your idea should fit into the existing SC2/WaW game engine or for an entirely new engine, like if SC3 would be a real-time game for example: State NEW or CURRENT)

Synopsis: (A one-sentence description of your idea)

Design Summary: (Maximum 3 paragraph description of your idea and an example of how it would work in-game. If your idea requires more than that you should rethink what you are trying to accomplish. Be concise!)

Problem #1: (You must objectively think what problems your idea would create. You don’t need to solve it here. If you don’t fill these out you haven’t thought enough about it! One or two sentences max)

Problem #2: (Examples: It breaks another feature. Too programming/art intensive. Doesn’t fit with the overall design. Would it actually make the game funner, or just more tedious, etc.)

When fleshing the idea out, try to imagine yourself as the designer and not just the player. What are the pros and cons of this concept? Can you think of an alternative way to convey the same idea that would take less time to implement? It usually doesn’t make good business sense to invest a lot of time and money into an idea that you can get relatively the same benefits from doing an easier concept. Not many people want to spend 20 hours doing something they can do alternatively in 5 and get a similar effect. Is your idea FUN? Or do you want it simply because its historically accurate? Can it be both but with some novel compromising/sacrificing? One of the toughest things to do is having to trim the fat off your idea, but rarely does an idea go from your brain to paper to implementation without having to lop off its leg or arm in the process.

Here’s how it works:

– head over to

– please open a new thread and post your design idea as outlined in Timskorn’s original instructions below. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REGISTER TO POST OR VOTE (in fact registrations are disabled). When posting an idea, please enter the same Username that you are using in the regular discussion forum or use your email address as Username. If you don’t do this then we may not be able to determine who you are and you may not be eligible to win a Prize.

– your idea/thread will be reviewed by the administrators and approved or declined. In order to be approved, it has to follow the outlines set by Timskorn.

– everyone is allowed to vote on your thread/idea (open the thread, click on "Rate this thread" in the menu bar on the top-right). You are allowed to only vote once. Please do not cheat.

– you may NOT post replies. This feature is disabled. If you would like to discuss an idea, please do so in the regular discussion forum at…ubb=forum;f=34

– you may NOT edit your posts. If you would like to edit something or post an addition to an original idea, please use the "contact us" link at the bottom-right of the forum pages.

Prizes? Prizes!
Winners receive:
– a free copy of a StratCom game of your choice (including future games).
– membership in a beta testing team for one of the future StratCom games.

There are three ways to win a Prize in the Design Challenge:
1) your idea makes it into the top 5 voted threads.
2) your idea is implemented by Hubert in a future game
3) you’re forum member Timskorn 😉 (who will receive the above Prize for coming up with this great idea of course)

How long will the Challenge run?
At the moment the Design Challenge has been set to run for a period of three months, starting today. Depending on the level of participation/interest, this period may be extended.

If you would like to see the original thread in the public discussion forum, please go here:…4;t=003020;p=1

If you already have posted a design idea in this forum, please post it again here so it can be rated. Only design ideas posted here are participating in the Challenge and are eligible to receive a Prize.