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Posted on Sep 1, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Silent Heroes Coming Sept. 8 on Gamer’s Gate

Armchair General

New York, USA (September 1, 2006) – Paradox Interactive, a leading publisher and developer of critically acclaimed strategy titles, announced today that they have set the launch date for "Silent Heroes", the stand-alone expansion to award-winning "Soldiers: Heroes of World War II" by Codemasters.

“Silent Heroes” will be available exclusively for worldwide download via Gamer’s Gate starting on September 8th, 2006.

“Fans of the original game will find much to rejoice about in “Silent Heroes” said Susana Meza, Marketing and PR Director for Paradox Interactive. “Codemasters have focused on keeping all core elements that made the original so popular while adding enough new features to offer gamers a fresh and challenging take on the gameplay”.


In “Silent Heroes”, the player takes control of a special operations force during World War II. The game is based on the “Heroes” engine and includes the following features:

  • Dozens of controllable equipment models, a vast choice of fire-arms, small arms, cold steel and more.
  • Highly interactive environments (almost everything seen can be destroyed).
  • A story-driven campaign focusing on sabotage missions behind enemy lines.
  • Opportunities to use any items and objects on the map as shelter.
  • Chances for players to seize, use and repair any pieces of equipment, including enemy ones.
  • Up-to-date detailed graphics, cinema effects and high quality videos.