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Posted on May 26, 2006 in Games PR

PR: PureSim Baseball 2007 Demo and v1.1 Update

By Armchair General

PureSim Baseball 2007 Demo and v1.1 Update Now Available!

Get A Taste Of A Baseball Fan’s Fantasy – Batter Up!

Staten Island , NY , May 26 th , 2006 – Matrix Games ( ), in association with PureSim ( ) is pleased to announce that a free demo of PureSim Baseball 2007 is now available. In addition, the v1.1 update for the full version of PureSim Baseball 2007 is now also available at the Matrix Games site.

The demo covers a limited number of seasons out of the 105 possible spanning 1900 to 2005 that can be played in the full version. The full version gives players access to all seasons, as well as some of the most powerful and easy to use editing tools available in any baseball simulation. An intelligent AI system gives players of all levels a challenge and gives a true ‘living room’ feel to baseball through PureSim’s exclusive “PSPN” sports network, included with the game.


The v1.1 update for the full version of PureSim Baseball 2007 is a major update. In addition to resolving a number of minor issues in the original release, this update adds full expansion support for player leagues as a free new feature. Expand in the off-season from 2-36 additional teams, with control over their location and league and division realignment. Support for the import of PureSim 2005 Gold associations has also been made more robust and the popular Almanac feature has been improved.

Digital downloads as well as boxed copies of PureSim Baseball 2007 are now available at the Matrix Games Online Store. Download it today and finally feel as close to the action as you can get without actually buying season tickets!

For more information on the incredible PureSim Baseball 2007 and last year’s PureSim Baseball 2005 Gold Edition , visit or the PureSim homepage at .

PureSim Baseball 2007 – the game that every baseball fan should have.

Tons of New Features in PureSim Baseball 2007 :

New Graphics and Sound! Animated graphical ball flight, ambient sound effects and fireworks celebration add greatly to the in-game experience.

New in-game manager options such as outfield depth settings, bunt for a hit, pitch out and more.

All new browsable, automatically generated reference almanac containing thousands of pages of detail and stats for every player and team in league history. The almanac is integrated into the game, and can also be uploaded/published to the web since it uses standard HTML.

Association templates make it easy to save configuration parameters making it much easier to create associations exactly to your tastes. Included templates will have you up and running in seconds.

New player card with graphical ratings indicators and tabbed layout makes player evaluation and analysis even easier.

Improved simulation speed.

Brand new career arc and player aging model

Tougher computer GM AI

New historical archiving of the results of every pitch of every game in league history.

Improved play by play.

Fully compatible with PureSim 2005. Easily upgrade your existing associations.

All the features and depth you loved with last year’s version of PureSim

Features from PureSim Baseball 2005 Gold Edition included in PureSim Baseball 2007 :

Full career and aging model with no limit on the number of seasons that can be played out in your universe.

Unattended auto simulation modes for doing What If? Type analysis and experiments.

Customizable, editable ball parks, change fence dimensions and height, import custom ball park photos easily configure PureSim’s graphics engine to support any modification you make.

Rich export and data analysis tools.

Support for building a Baseball universes with and without economics/salaries, reserve clause contracts, fictional or historical replay modes and more. Pretty much any era in Baseball can be modeled.

Tons of reports with almost every stat imaginable including a full range of sabermetric reports for the true Baseball stats geeks!

Quick start mode to be up and playing your association of choice in minutes.

PSPN integrated virtual web site tracks the news from around your league.

Everything can be edited! Player ratings and stats, association parameters, team payrolls and regions and more.

Integrated support for importing player photographs, both real and fictional.

Comprehensive modding SDK support allows for user-created content and features using any .NET or COM based programming language.

Demo Download

Patch Download