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Posted on May 26, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Only Seven Days of Steel Panthers Savings Remain!

By Armchair General

Only Seven Days of Steel Panthers Savings Remain!
Enhanced CD WinSPWW2 Pre-Order Offer Almost Over!

Hampstead, NC, 25 May 2005

Okay, so you procrastinated doing your taxes and now you have a late penalty. Not the end of the world. Perhaps you waited until the last minute to get that tux for your wedding. So what if your pants are riding high over your socks, you’ll just make sure the photographer snaps your pic from the waist up. And that searing pain that pierces your spleen every time you move? Hey, the doctor’s office will still be there tomorrow…

No matter how big of a procrastinator you are, there’s one thing in life that you don’t want to miss out on because you kept putting it off, and that’s the special pre-order offer from Shrapnel Games for the Enhanced CD edition of WinSPWW2!


There’s only seven days left to take advantage of the pre-order discounted price of $34.95! That’s five dollars off its normal retail price of $39.95, which goes into effect after those seven days of saving. Your spleen can wait. The special pre-order price for the Enhanced CD edition of WinSPWW2 can’t.

At the moment you may be waiting to pre-order because you’ve been so busy enjoying the FREE downloadable version of WinSPWW2 that was recently released that you haven’t had the time. Completely understandable! After all, WinSPWW2 is one of the most highly addictive tactical turn-based strategy games for your computer, and even the FREE download boasts more gameplay than a dozen full priced games combined!

Fight the good fight with a massive array of weapon platforms available in the turbulent years between 1930 and 1946. Utilize true combined arms tactics as you encounter over three hundred (and change) scenarios, scores of new maps, hundreds of revised unit icons, new nations, new scripted campaigns, single player or multiplayer PBEM action, random map creation, easy to use editing tools, and more.

So what does the Enhanced CD edition offer over the download edition?
Why, the

* Printed jump-start manual and of course, a physical CD in a nice case.

* Higher resolutions than the download version. While the download is limited to a resolution of 800×600, the Enhanced CD edition can be played in resolutions as high as 1600×1200. Magnificent, indeed!

* A cut and paste map editor. Want to create a massive multi-scenario campaign that rages across the streets of Berlin? All you have to do is make one large map, and then cut and paste sections to create multiple, smaller maps and scenarios.

* Secure tournament play with 250 secure PBEM save slots.

* Helpful encyclopedic sorting ability.

* ScenHack. A nice utility that allows the user to delete, move, copy, repair, and edit scenarios.

* CampaignHack. Another utility that allows the conversion of existing DOS based campaigns to work within WinSPWW2.

* Includes the FREE full version of WinSPWW2. No need to download!

Remember, only seven more days to snag the discounted price! Pre-ordering also guarantees that you’ll be one of the first to receive the game when it ships. Place your pre-order. 

You can grab the FULL, completely FREE version of WinSPWW2 here.

For more information on WinSPWW2, the game of Combined Arms Tactical Combat 1930-1946, or any of our other award-winning war and strategy titles, please visit us at There you’ll find information and demos galore for your gaming pleasure.