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Posted on Jul 18, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Officers Update

Armchair General

Officers are coming

Publishing house GFI and development company GFI UA announce Officers RTS game closed beta-testing and summarize on achievements.

Three years is quite a sizeable period for development a video game. But if we take into consideration Officers’ colossal scales and boundless opportunities, this period will not seem that long. Now that the game has gone for closed beta-testing it is time we make a short summary.

During the development process, Officers has undergone significant changed if compared to original concept. Unfortunately or maybe luckily, we had to cut some ideas; some things were put off until their time came. Thus, German and Soviet campaigns will make it into the game only in the add-on. On the other hand, however, this gives us time to work them out in as much depth as possible. In the long run, it is up to you, the gamers, to decide whether it is good or bad.


Nonetheless, we have managed to reach our main goal, that is to create a Massive (with a capital letter, right!) real time strategy game with maps 25 square kilometers each, where up to 1.500 units may be engaged in a battle; astonishing visual effects created by means of particle systems, multiple light sources, shaders v. 2.0; picturesque graphics powered by advanced opportunities of DirectX 9.0; breath-taking atmosphere and gripping gameplay with a large variety of tactical and strategic opportunities that will definitely please even most sophisticated gamers.

You will be able to see it for yourself very soon. For now, to take the edge of your waiting, we are presenting a brand new Officers in-game video trailer. Follow the link and download it from our official web-site. Watch it. Enjoy it. Officers is coming very soon.