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Posted on Jul 11, 2006 in Games PR

PR: New Partner Joins Gamer’s Gate

Armchair General

New York, USA (July 11, 2006) – Paradox Interactive announced today that another publisher has joined the continuously expanding Gamer’s Gate . Recognized publisher Cenega will kick off this new partnership by featuring their well-known titles, “UFO: Aftershock”, “UFO: Aftermath” and “Korea: Forgotten Conflict”.

“Now that Cenega has joined Gamer’s Gate, another step has been taken to ensure that the gameplay offered on the platform is diverse and will appeal to a variety of players,” said Susana Meza, PR & Marketing Director for Paradox Interactive. “The titles being launched at this time will present strategy gamers with challenges of a more tactical nature.”


As a result of this new arrangement, the following games from Cenega can currently be found on Gamer’s Gate . For more information on Gamer’s Gate or Paradox Interactive, please contact .

UFO: Aftershock
It is the year 2054, fifty years after the disaster that rendered the surface of Earth uninhabitable. Retreating to the flying haven of the Laputa, the remnants of humankind clung onto existence. Then a revolt against the increasingly corrupt human leadership escalated into a conflict that destroyed the colony. Now, the remaining survivors flee once again. Can they reclaim the Earth from the unknown forces that chased them into the skies?
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UFO: After m ath
Combining a global strategy with small squad tactical combat, the player is challenged to fight against an alien invasion. Featuring run-time generated tactical missions with innovative simultaneous combat action, UFO: Aftermath is also enhanced with strong RPG elements, offering a unique mix of strategic ideas. 
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Korea: Forgotten Conflict
It’s raining. You’re hungry, you’re tired, you’re wet and you’re scared! Not only are you suffering physically, you also have the burden of being the Commander of a group of five military specialists (a medic, a demolition expert, a sniper, a scout, and you) during the Korean War of 1950 to 1953. Comprised of 12 missions spread over four campaigns, each with its own unique setting, Korea: Forgotten conflict sends this group of soldiers to undertake missions which prove too dangerous for most. This title provides both real and original locations using approved military tactics, facilities and equipment. The environments are played through an original, scalable ‘glass eye’ view as you decide your strategy and tactics on the fly.
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