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Posted on Oct 15, 2007 in Games PR

PR: “Modders” Sought for Game Modification Contest

Armchair General

6th Annual Mod of the Year Awards Celebrates Independent Developers

New York, NY – Mod DB, the premier website dedicated to game modification, is calling on gamers for submissions for the annual Mod of the Year Awards (MOTY 2007).  The contest will take place beginning November 15, 2007 and will run through January 15, 2008.

The MOTY 2007 on Mod DB is the definitive event in the video game industry that showcases the best game modifications (a.k.a. "mods") in the world and recognizes the mod teams behind them.  A video game "mod" is a variation of a game or in-game elements. It can add new content to the underlying game (partial conversions) or offer an entirely new game (total conversions).

The awards pays tribute to the creativity, dedication, and hard work independent developers and amateur game designers put into creating unique experiences through video and interactive features, free downloads and consumer voting.  This year’s contest is once again sponsored by The Art Institute Online, the US Navy and Alienware.


Mod DB is seeking submissions of modified games, either partial or total game conversions of existing titles to add to its existing database of over
4,000.  The entries will be voted upon by visitors to Mod DB beginning on November 15, 2007. By December 15, the top 100 game mods will be posted and a final round of voting will determine the illustrious "Mod of the Year" and secondary prize winners.

For more information about MOTY 2007, please visit