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Posted on Sep 12, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Mission Kursk and Green Devils Now Available

Armchair General

Mission Kursk and Green Devils Now Available via Digital Distribution

Following the successful digital releases of Lula 3D and City Life, CDV Software Entertainment is pleased to announce that two exciting expansions for Blitzkrieg are available immediately for purchase and download.

The two highly anticipated expansions – Mission Kursk and Green Devils, both require an installed copy of the original Blitzkrieg (or Blitzkrieg: Rolling Thunder / Blitzkrieg: Burning Horizon) to run. Both expansions add fierce new battles, diverse units and intense campaigns to Blitzkrieg, the award-winning WWII RTS.

Both expansions are available for purchase and download at


Mission Kursk
The 15 missions in Mission Kursk’s campaigns will offer gamers a taste of the last great Eastern Front campaign of World War II. Characterized by brutal tank battles that first saw the widespread use of battlefield behemoths like the Tiger and Ferdinand, Mission Kursk contains 40 new units, 25 new structures, additional sound-effects and an upgraded graphics engine. Mission Kursk will offer gamers more than 50 hours of additional game play.

Green Devils
Death from above threatens, as Green Devils introduces Blitzkrieg fans to the game’s first extensive airborne campaign. An additional campaign, "9th Panzers," allows players to command units in famous missions such as Dunkirk, Operation Typhoon and Operation Citadelle. From the creator of Blitzkrieg: Burning Horizon and Blitzkrieg: Rolling Thunder, the Green Devils expansion will introduce players to all new battlefields and offer a four-mission "Tank School" that includes skill enhancing tips from the expansion’s designer.