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Posted on Nov 20, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Meridian4 and Manifesto Games Join Up

Armchair General

Meridian4 Publicly Declares that it has Signed with Manifesto!

Montreal, Canada. November 17, 2006 – PC game publisher, Meridian4 is thrilled to announce that it has signed a deal with Manifesto Games to distribute their games for download through their online site.

"The Central Committee is delighted to join arm in arm with our comrades at Meridian4," said Manifesto Games’s CEO, Greg Costikyan. "Together, we will strive resolutely for the overthrow of the boxopoly and the restoration of innovation and creativity in games."

“The moment we read Manifesto’s plan to help small, independent developers get their games to the masses, we knew we had to get involved. They share a vision with us that we need to support developers who don’t have million dollar budgets and huge marketing campaigns.” Said Steve Milburn, Director at Meridian4, “We are trying to do the same for developers who might not be able to get their unique and niche titles to market.”


Meridian4 titles; Space Hack, Daemonica, Great Journey, RIP, Dark Matter and RIP Strike Back are now available on Manifesto, ranging in price from $9.99 to $19.99 with more coming in the following weeks. For more information visit