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Posted on Oct 4, 2007 in Games PR

PR: Lock n Load Publishing Releases Lee at Gettysburg: The Battle for Cemetery Ridge -Gold Edition

Armchair General

Rocky Mount, VA, October 5, 2007 – Lock ‘n Load Publishing announces the release of Lee at Gettysburg: The Battle for Cemetery Ridge-Gold Edition. The game is a substantial reworking of the game that originally appeared in the Armchair General. Counters represent the brigades, leaders, and batteries that fought on the first day of the Gettysburg. Leaders are critical not only rallying their troops, but enhancing their attacks as well.

New in the Gold Edition are facing rules, enhanced leader capabilities, retreats that can route an entire line of troops, and a completely new layout of the rules, charts, and scenarios. And speaking of scenarios, Gold Edition revises one of the original scenarios and adds two more, bringing the Gold Edition scenario total to four. A Civil War game you can download in minutes, learn in less than a half-hour, and play during your lunch break. Like we say, "more games, less guff."