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Posted on Nov 20, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Gamer’s Gate Becomes Official

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Paradox Interactive launches large-scale international digital distribution service

New York , USA (November 20, 2006) – Paradox Interactive, a recognized worldwide publisher of PC strategy games, announced today the launch of their latest venture, the digital distribution platform Gamer’s Gate. Gamer’s Gate has serviced gamers as a trial version since April 2006 and during that short time, the platform has attracted a large number of visitors who buy and download games at their convenience.

Digital distribution has seen explosive growth over the past year, particularly in the music industry, and many believe the computer games industry is headed in the same direction. Paradox Interactive are pleased but not surprised with the success of Gamer’s Gate and foresee the digital platform growing to become one of the major players in digital distribution.


“Gamer’s Gate has already been recognized on the international arena as a strong challenger to the world’s largest download service*. Based on industry feedback of the system and our own analysis of the market, we seem to be about 6-12 months ahead of most competitors”, said Theodore Bergquist, CEO for Paradox Interactive.

Gamer’s Gate is a platform that meets its customers on their terms worldwide and will soon be available in 16 different languages. Plans for its immediate future include the launch of several accompanying services; in addition to the improved core service of digital downloads. There will also be a substantial growth in the product portfolio offered to consumers.

“There is vast potential for Gamer’s Gate on the global arena. Digital distribution is on the verge of a major breakthrough as consumers demand faster and more convenient product delivery. That knowledge alone puts us one-step ahead of most other international players in the business, and we now have the platform to accommodate that. Adding user generated content along with several other planned services, will further increase the competitive advantage of Gamer’s Gate”, said Theodore Bergquist.

Gamer’s Gate has been officially launched and can be accessed at: .

* Toms Hardware – Twitchguru