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Posted on Dec 1, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Frontline: Fields of Thunder Screens

Armchair General

Frontline: Fields of Thunder – challenging events and missions in reconstructed reality

New York, USA (December 1, 2006) – One of the key features of Frontline: Fields of Thunder is the detailed reconstruction of key battle events, which underline the entire game.

As the largest tank battle of all time, the battle of Kursk was the ultimate battle of the titans. It caused the global powers to focus vast amounts of resources on improving the design and production of their tanks, representing the last great conventional arms race before the advent of the atomic bomb.

Playing for the German forces, the player will aim to conquer the Southern and Northern front right up to Battle of Prokhorovka. Playing for the Soviet Union the player needs to hold the line, counter-attack and chase the emaciated enemy up to its initial position near Belgorod. At the same time all missions are devoted to real battle operations that took place during the Kursk battle. As a result of careful research of chronicles and other historical documents, the personas and proportions of German and USSR forces were reconstructed as well as the exact relief and disposition of fortifications, key objects and commanding heights. Because of this and due to some balance changes, the size of the maps in Frontline: Fields of Thunder are substantially bigger than RTS games in general.


Another project feature is the linearity of campaigns. Unlike the Blitzkrieg series where player chose the order of mission completions, Frontline: Fields of Thunder suggests stricter and historically correct variants. Nevertheless, the variety of tasks and the necessity of completing different objectives will certainly be enough to keep even the most experienced gamers and historical experts busy. In addition, each campaign consists of secret missions, which can be activated only after completing special task during the battles.

“Frontline: Fields of Thunder” is scheduled for a release during Q1, 2007 and is developed by Nival Interactive and N-Game Studios.