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Posted on Jun 7, 2006 in Games PR

PR: FOR LIBERTY! New screenshots!

By Armchair General

In less than a month, on July 4th, and Hussar Games will be releasing the strategy game For Liberty! allowing players to fight for liberty in the American Revolutionary War 1775-1783 and the Hungarian Wars of Independence in Europe, 1703-1711.

Leading up to this event, Battlefront has just released a dozen new screenshots from the current beta build of For Liberty!

• Two theatres of operation: East Coast of North America and the Carpatian Basin in Central Europe.
• Two large had-painted, then 3D rendered maps with more than 3000 hexes each.
• 20 minutes of music for each map.
• Turn based gameplay both on the strategic and tactical level.
• Management of 6 resources: recruits, horses, muskets, cannons, money and supply.
• Influence points can be used to affect political decisions.
• 400 historical leaders in 3 ranks.
• Leaders can have up to 3 special abilities out of 16.
• 16 types of units, eg: dragoon, infantry, riflemen, militia, indians, hussars, etc.
• All units are rendered in 3D and have their own authentic uniforms. There are more than 2000 unit animations in the game!
• 8 campaigns, 4 for each theater.
• 3 kind of multiplayer capability: hot-seat, PBEM and TCP/IP.
• 3 difficulty settings
• 7 stances on the strategic map: defense, attack, rest, siege, retreat, routed and training.
• 4 kind of formations on the tactical map: skirmish, column, line and routed.
• Simple ruleset for new players and advanced ruleset for veterans.
• Realistic depiction of battles and campaigns, units will not fight to the last man, you win battles by routing the enemy army from the field.
• Lots of random events: pirates, epidemic, betrayal, fires and many others.
• Towns can be pillaged to gain supply but you lose production for a few months.
• Based on 1 full year of historical research.
• Campaign editor to create user campaigns

For more information about the game, please visit:


By the way, the prequel to For Liberty! – the game 1848 about the Hungarian Rakoczi Wars, is available as a free full version download directly from