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Posted on Jul 17, 2006 in Games PR

PR: For Liberty! Demo Released

Armchair General

For Liberty! Demo Released

Game publisher and Hungarian developer Hussar Games are excited to release to the public the demo of the game For Liberty! 

Released July 4th, last week in honor of the 230th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, For Liberty! offers exciting turn based strategic planning and tactical combat during the Revolutionary War from 1775-1783. 

This Windows demo has a filesize of 97 megs and can be downloaded immediately from here. 


Demo Info:

The For Liberty! Demo features a hypothetical southern campaign from April to October 1780. You must stop the raiding Indians and also fight a full British brigade. Most gameplay features are enabled in the Demo, and you can even play the tactical battles! 


TCP/IP and PBEM multiplayer are not available in this version, but if there is interest we will release a multiplayer enabled demo in the future. 

In addition to the American Revolution, don’t forget that the full game also features an entire other theater of operations: Hungary during the Rakoczi Independence War. This was the eastern conflict that occured during the Spanish Inheritance War (1703-1711). It is a completely different experience from war in the colonies and features fort sieges and much more fluid use of cavalry. 

Demo Features:  

* Ability to play in both Strategic Mode and Tactical Battles
* Control the Colonial Army against Native Indians and British troops
* Transport Units by Sea
* Naval Bombardments
* Pillage towns and cities
* Recruit and Train new units
* Multiplayer via Hot-Seat

Demo Limitations:  

* Playing time restricted to 6 months
* Recruitment disabled except for Indians and Militia units
* Random Events disabled
* Available Units limited to : Indians, Infantry, Militia, Cannon, Dragoons and Heavy   Cannon (only in the fort)
* Map restricted to the Southern portion of the US coast
* Next Army / Previous Army and Army List functions disabled
* British side only playable in Hot-Seat
* Only a dozen historical leaders are available on each side (full game has over a 100   leaders per side)  

System Requirements 

Minimum Configuration Windows 2000, XP 500 Mhz CPU 256 MB RAM 32 MB Video Card capable of 1024×768 resolution or higher DirectX supported Soundcard  

Recommended Configuration Windows 2000,XP 1 Ghz CPU 512 Mb RAM 64 MB Video Card capable of 1024×768 resolution or higher DirectX supported Soundcard  

Note: If you have dual SLI configured nVidia video cards, please read the following notice!   Due to an issue with the current nVidia video drivers, For Liberty! will not currently work on your computer with the video cards running in SLI mode. nVidia has been alerted to this issue and we await a fix in their drivers. This driver bug affects nVidia SLI video card configured systems only.