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Posted on Aug 14, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Eastern Front expansion for Down in Flames

Armchair General

Eastern Front expansion for Down in Flames!

Down in Flames is not a flight sim! It’s a unique air combat strategy game with fast-pace rules, strong Roleplaying elements, and requires strategy, tactics and some luck. It is based on Dan Verssen’s award-Winning "Down in Flames" card game design.

Take to the skies over the Eastern Front with this new expansion for the award winning Down in Flames computer game. Eastern Front adds new planes, pilots, skills, campaigns, AI enhancements and more to expand the war in the skies of World War II.

For the first time, you can fly as either Polish or Russian pilots and command new exciting planes like the LA-7 and IL-2M or take to the skies in Polish P.11C’s and P.37’s. But it’s not just Russia and Poland that get updated planes, 29 new planes have been added, including the awesome German ME-262 jet fighter – including an all new set of jet rules – and the British Tempest V.


Eastern Front also offers over a dozen new online campaigns featuring battles over Russia, North Afrika, Japan and the Pacific and Europe and all of the new campaigns have been designed to feature the new planes.

But its not just new planes and campaigns that Eastern Front brings to the table. Fourteen new Pilot and Wingman skills have been added to the game such as Tail Shooter (+1 extra Burst when Tailing), Charismatic Pilot (+25% to chance to earn medals, Bomber Distraction (-1 turret skill on enemy bombers) and Bomber Destroyer (Wingman gets a +1 Attack card when attacking bombers).

The game play has also been enhanced with the addition of several new features. New game features include the new "Action Window" that displays each and every action performed by the pilots. This will greatly aid in the tactical analysis of your victories, and defeats. Pilots can now start with a range of beginning experience points to allow them immediately unlock the more advanced aircraft. Eastern Front also adds the ability to create custom missions where you get to choose the exact pilots, aircraft, and teams for a dogfight. In addition the A.I. has been upgraded to provide a deeper, more intense challenge.

With 29 new planes, over a dozen new campaigns, new pilot and wingman skills and updated AI and gameplay features, Eastern Front more than doubles the scale and scope of your Down in Flames experience.

Eastern Front is a game expansion and requires Down in Flames to play. It will cost $15 and will be available as download or via mail delivery. A bundle pack with the base game will be offered at a special discount of $5 for only $35!

Eastern Front is currently undergoing final quality assurance and should be released before October 2006!

Eastern Front Features:

29 New Planes

Russia: I-15, I-16, I-153, LA-5, LA-7, MiG-3, Yak-1, Yak-3, Yak-9D, Yak-9U, IL-4, IL-2M, Pe-2, Pe-8
Poland: P.11C, P.23, P.37
Germany: Fw-190A1, Me-262, Do-17Z
Japan: Ki.84, J7W1, Ki.21
United Kingdom: Spitfire IX, Tempest V, Halifax I
United States: F6F, P-38F, B-24D

New Campaigns

D-Day : Allies vs Germany
Gdansk Bay : Poles vs Germans
Invasion Japan – Operation Downfall : Japan vs Allies
Invasion Japan – The Rock : Japan vs US
Invasion USA – Clash of Eagles : US vs Germany
Last Defense : Poles vs Germans
Leningrad 42 : Germans vs USSR
Leningrad 43 : Germans vs USSR
Leningrad 44 : Germans vs USSR
Mayhem Over Iwo : Japan vs US
Red Tide: First Strike : USSR vs Germany
Strange War – Nomonhon : Japan vs USSR
August Storm : Japan vs USSR
Crimea : Germany vs USSR
Kuban : Germany vs USSR
4 as yet unnamed UK campaigns covering North Afrika, Mediterranean and Japan

New Pilot and Wingman Skills

  • Close Escort: Leader gains +1 Horsepower if at the same altitude as friendly bombers. Base Cost 30xp
  • Close Firepower: Leader gains +1 Bursts if at the same altitude as friendly bombers. Base Cost 20xp
  • Bomber Attack: Leader gains +1 Burst vs. bombers. Base Cost 40xp
  • Bomber Coordination: If you are the Escort player and the escort’s starting altitude is different than the bomber’s starting altitude, then a coin is flipped. If Heads, the bomber’s altitude is changed to be the same as the escort’s. If Tails, the escort’s altitude is changed to be the same as the bomber’s. Base Cost 10xp
  • Tail Shooter: Leader gains +1 extra Burst when Tailing. Base Cost 25xp
  • Bomber Destroyer: Wingman gains +1 Attack card draw when targeting a bomber. Base Cost 30xp
  • Dodgy Wingman: When this wingman is targeted, one card is discarded at random from the attacking leader or wingman’s hand. Base Cost 30xp
  • Offensive Formation: Wingman gets +1 Attack and Defense cards when Leader is Advantaged or Tailing. Base Cost 50xp
  • Defensive Formation: Wingman gets +1 Attack and Defense cards when Leader is Disadvantaged or Tailed. Base Cost 40xp
  • Bomber Distraction: Enemy bombers get -1 Turret Defense when shooting at this leader or wingman. Base Cost 85xp
  • Charismatic: Pilot gets +25% to chance to earn medals. Base Cost 25xp
  • Good Bursts: When this pilot gets cards, he has a 10% chance (for each time purchased) to turn an IMS1:1 into a IMS1:2. Base Cost 15xp
  • Good Escort: Friendly Bombers at this pilot’s altitude get +1 Turret Defense card draw. Base Cost 40xp
  • Sturdy: This pilot gets +1 Airframe on his flipped side (after being damaged). Base Cost 30xp
  • Cash-In: Remove all of the pilot’s skills and free-up 75% of their total value toward unallocated XPs. Base Cost 0xp
  • New Action Window Panel (displays all actions played by all pilots and wingmen)
  • Updated and Enhanced A.I. performance
  • Custom Mission Creation (choose any plane, pilot and team for custom dogfights)
  • Variable Pilot Experience Point Starts (enable immediate access to more advanced planes for new pilots)