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Posted on Mar 6, 2008 in Games PR

PR: Dominions 3: The Awakening Updated Once Again!

Armchair General

Hampstead, NC, 06 March 2008

The best keeps getting better!  The mad Swedish geniuses behind the multi-award winning Dominions 3: The Awakening, Illwinter Game Design, and their publisher Shrapnel Games (that would be us) would like to announce a brand new patch is available for the game. 

As you’ve come to expect the patch, which is version 3.15, contains a mixture of cool new features and the elimination of a number of bugs.  Players will happily note that one of those eliminated bugs is the scale spread bug that brought woe to some.  Some other notable highlights that should bring a smile to your face and put a spring in your step: MA Ulm and LA Abysia boosted and Ermor domkill at proper levels now.


A complete list of what can be found in the version 3.15 update includes:

The Features:

*  MA & LA Ulm sexier.
*  Ulm Iron Faith: Black Priests in MA Ulm, Priest Smiths.
*  Iron Faith spells: Iron Darts, Iron Blizzard.
*  Iron Angel, MA Ulm summon to battle enemy sacreds and magical beings.
*  Guardians got Black Halberds that stun enemy sacreds.
*  Ghoul Guardians no longer sacred, but got Black Halberds.
*  Halt Heretic: New ability on Iron Angel, Ulrich hero and Lord Guardians.
*  Plate armors slightly better. Ulm plate armors more so.
*  LA Abysia sexier.
*  Slayer cult: Anathemant Slayers, common slayers noncapital.
*  LA Anathemants got death magic.
*  LA Smoulderghosts sacred.
*  Warbreds: huge humanbreds bred for war.
*  Late Abysian Hero
*  Fossilized Giants, LA Abysian summon.
*  Altered spell: Hidden in Snow more expensive and gives more units. Also more effective with luck, magic and turmoil.
*  New spell: Hidden in Sand. Summons dust walkers if cast in a wasteland. More powerful in luck, magic and turmoil.
*  Altered spell: Flight is personal.
*  New spell: Gift of Flight.
*  New icons: Halt Heretic, Animal Awe, Spy and Assassin.
*  Avalon witch changes: Crones strat move 1, mother and daughter random nature/air.
*  New national militia events for UW nations.

The Bug Fixes and Balance Changes.

*  Scale spread bug fixed.
*  Ermor domkill upped to proper levels.
*  Old militia event made rare.
*  Peshti got Kite Shields.
*  Peshti Spearman strat move 2.
*  Bogatyr strat move 3.
*  Some more strat move fixes.
*  Plague Scythe -> twohanded.
*  Exarch and Kosheij got robes.
*  Grid Druzhina cold res 50.
*  Fivefold Angel stump attack instead of fist.
*  Simargl Falchion -> bite.
*  Simargl patrol -> 10.
*  Bloodlord helmet.
*  Rigor mortis no longer affects inanimates.
*  Internal Alchemy works properly.
*  Demonbred got correct age.
*  Forester and Bakemono scout stealth fix.
*  Moose Riders cheaper 45 -> 30.
*  #coldpower mod command fixed.

The patch can be downloaded directly from Shrapnel Games and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Point your browser to: