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Posted on May 18, 2007 in Games PR

PR: Combat Mission: Shock Force Screenshots

Armchair General

Brand new screenshots!
Combat Mission: Shock Force

Screenshot gallery:

Since it has been a few weeks since we posted any screenshots we figured you might like to see the sort of progress we have been making with Combat Mission: Shock Force. This series of 57 screenshots shows an urban battle between a Stryker MOUT*  company in an unnamed Syrian town.


You will notice a lot of new "flavor objects", many new buildings with ledges and balconies, the impressive Mosque model as well as, for the first time, glimpses of some of the Syrian Uncon (unconventional) troops including Uncon Fighters (better trained and equipped) and Uncon Combatants (ad-hoc units with little training and less organization).



Combat Mission: Shock Force is’s new flagship game in the award-winning Combat Mission series and is scheduled to be released this summer from , as well as in retail through our distribution partner Paradox Interactive.