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Posted on Dec 12, 2006 in Games PR

PR: CDV Releases Pacific Storm Patch 1.3

Armchair General

CDV Releases Pacific Storm Patch 1.3

Today developer Lesta and co-publishers Buka and CDV Software Entertainment USA released the first patch for the WWII strategy/action title, Pacific Storm. The patch, available from the official Web site at addresses several issues, including a number of crashes, enhancements to the AI, and general gameplay balance improvements.

Specific fixes addressed in this patch include:

1. Fixed bug with AI heavy bombers that appeared to be launched from catapults and aircraft carriers
2. Fixed bug with the inability to construct factories in Batavia, even when resources were available
3. Fixed a bug with aircraft sometimes remaining in the air after being destroyed
4. AI can successfully fire rockets now
5. Fixed B-29 heavy bomber #24 rack that caused crashes to desktop (CTD), while dropping bombs
6. Fixed crash as a result of USB joysticks when aircraft under control of the player is destroyed
7. Fixed crash as a result of USB joysticks when an aircraft under control of the player hits water
8. Fixed gliding bombs and Okha attack
9. Reduced heavy bombers bomb accuracy in tactical mode
10. Limited torpedo fire range to 7-8 km for Japan and 4-5 km for the US
11. Fixed Japanese biological bomb to be able to kill targets
12. Fixed memory leak causing a game crash when joining formations on a base
13. Fixed disappearing landing zone for hydroplanes
14. Fixed a crash that could occur when adding AI units to multiplayer game


An exciting hybrid title, Pacific Storm mixes the strategic elements of RTS titles with the action of an arcade title. RTS fans and serious wargamers alike will enjoy classic strategy elements including resource management, unit and building construction and unit deployment, while action fans will be able to take the skies or seas as they directly control units in intense combat, changing the tide of individual battles, or perhaps the entire war.