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Posted on Aug 21, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Capture the Strategy in Pursuit of Power

Armchair General

Capture the Strategy in Pursuit of Power

Aug 18th 2006 – Precision Games presents Pursuit of Power, their new real time strategy game available from the Precision Games website at Pursuit of Power is a unique blend of role playing game and real time strategy that allows only a single command every few seconds. This blend of real time and turn based style makes the game feel more tactical than previous strategy games.

Pursuit of Power comes with a 17 scenario campaign where your hero gains levels as he progresses on his conquest. It also comes with a complete scenario editor and a forum system to allow you to share and download new scenarios any day of the week. Play multiplayer scenarios as well with up to 8 total players in each skirmish.


In Pursuit of Power there are 6 different units and each can be upgraded in level with various buildings. Each unit has pros and cons, such as increased health and reduced speed (knight) or long range and weak health (wizard). Additionally, each side in the game has a leader with powerful abilities such as comet attack, vortex, and the ability to heal soldiers. While units can be controlled at any time, the leader’s powerful attacks and ability to construct buildings have real time cool down counters. This means in a pitched battle using the right ability at the right time can tip the balance of power.

For more information or to download the free demo visit and discover your destiny in the Pursuit to Power.