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Posted on Jan 28, 2008 in Games PR

PR: Bogarus Rises! Dominions 3.14 Now Available!

Armchair General

Hampstead, NC, 28 January 2008

Who says January has to be an unexciting time for computer gaming? Illwinter Game Design and Shrapnel Games are pleased to announce a new patch for the multi-award winning fantasy strategy title, Dominions 3, overflowing with the delectable goodness you’ve come to expect from Illwinter.

Bringing the retail game to version 3.14 the patch includes something for everyone, even your dear old grandmother! Like new nations? Of course you do! And so you get a new late age nation, Bogarus! Do you get your mod on? Version 3.14 adds a number of helpful modding commands for everyone who enjoys tweaking the game. What about bugs, you say? 3.14 kills bugs deader than Britney Spears’ career.

The complete list of changes found in the 3.14 patch includes:


* NEW! A new late era nation called Bogarus!
* NEW! Bakemono got a new scout.
* NEW! New random events.
* Spell AI: Touch of madness and Berserkers avoids casters and archers to some extent.
* Spell AI: No longer casts LoS on armorless units.
* Modding: Increased maximum number of descriptions.
* Modding: Max number of nations and nametypes increased.
* Modding: New monster commands: #darkpower, #firepower, #coldpower, #stormpower, #fallpower, #winterpower, #summerpower, #springpower, #darkvision, #onebattlespell, #patrolbonus.
* Modding: New item commands: #newitem, #descr, #weapon, #armor, #type, #name, #copyspr.
* Modding: New spell command: #nextspell.
* FIXED! MR bless bonus was sometimes displayed incorrectly.
* FIXED! Dominion sometimes spread in incorrect ways.
* FIXED! Legions of Steel bug fixed.
* FIXED! ‘y’-screen bug fix.
* FIXED! Caster of Stygian Paths took 1 point of damage for each unit under his command instead of the units taking the damage.
* FIXED! Stygian Paths reported random number of lost on the way.
* FIXED! Ritual casting magic items could malfunction.
* FIXED! Bug preventing more than a hundred sprites or so in mods has been squashed.
* FIXED! Several minor fixes to monster stats and magic sites.
* FIXED! Dance of the morrigans fixed.
* FIXED! Setting 1920×1200 resolution didn’t work properly.
* More magic sites enabled in caves.
* Scathach got her magic and flight.
* Hydra sacred all the way.

Please note that prior score graphs will disappear when the version 3.14 patch is applied.

The version 3.14 patch is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux and can be downloaded directly from Shrapnel Games

Dominions 3 is an award-winning juggernaut of turn-based strategy gaming that make most other strategy games weep in envy. Available for all popular operating systems (Win, Mac, Linux) Dominions 3 is a game that isn’t afraid to use the word ‘epic’ to describe its gameplay and really mean it. You can recruit, research, empower, forge, battle, search, pray, blood hunt, assassinate, move, storm castles, enchant items, sneak, build, starve, heal, scout. Enjoy three eras of play, scores of nations, well over a thousand unique units, hundreds of magic spells and items, twenty-one players in a single game, random map creation, a manual that could choke Linda Lovelace, and more.

Dominions is also a game that is constantly growing. From the wonderful official support of the developers who have added expansion packs worth of new content since its original release, to the fan base with their ever growing mod library, Dominions 3 is a living, breathing organism. In an era where a Grant will get you six hours of gameplay, that same Grant will get you thousands of hours of gameplay with Dominions 3.

For more information on what may be the last fantasy strategy game that you’ll ever need, please

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