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Posted on Oct 6, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Battlefield 2142 Demo Today!

Armchair General

EA and Dice announce the release of the Battlefield 2142 Demo

EA and DICE have announced the schedule and download locations for the much anticipated Battlefield 2142 Demo, featuring the Sidi Power Plant map.  Players may join EU or PAC forces as they fight for control over this high tech key asset situated in a barren gorge in northern Africa.  This Friday (10/6/06) players can take the next step in the Battlefield universe and challenge their friends in both the new Titan Game Mode and the legendary Conquest Game Mode. 

As a benefit to those players who have pre-ordered their copy of Battlefield 2142 from EA, the demo will be available to them early through the EA Downloader! 

Sign on, immerse yourself in Battlefield 2142, and prepare for the next age of online warfare! 


Demo Schedule and Locations
Thursday, October 5th 12AM PST
 EA Downloader
Friday, October 6th 9AM PST
Friday, October 6th 6PM PST

Map History

Sidi Power Plant was taken into service toward the end of the first century of the second millennium. At its time it was considered an experimental power plant as efficient as a nuclear plant, but much more friendly to the environment. With the oncoming ice, Sidi Power Plant remains one of the largest functional power sources in northern Africa. As such, it is regarded as a highly appealing asset for both PAC and EU forces.   


The map is vehicle-based and holds all vehicles from the game. Air transport vehicles and heavy attack vehicles spawn at the rim bases with the exception of Battle Walkers, which spawn on each side of the river. The center island spawns the map’s only Air Attack vehicle.