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Posted on Jul 18, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Anachronism Takes Top Honors

Armchair General

Scrye names Anachronism Top Card Game of 2005  

ATLANTA , GA June 30th, 2006 The votes are in, and Scrye readers have voted Anachronism® CCG both their “Favorite New Non-Collectible Game of 2005” and their “All-time Favorite Card Game” in the 2005 Scrye Player’s Choice Awards! Anachronism ® is created by TriKing Games and is a licensed product of The History Channel ®.

Nearly 30 card games were eligible for the “All-time Favorite Card Game” award; for the “Favorite New Non-Collectible Game of 2005” category, Anachronism® was competing against all new board-games and role-playing games of 2005, so actually won in a much larger field. Scrye is the longest-running periodical reporting on the collectible card game hobby and the leading print resource for prices on Magic: The Gathering and similar games; their readership had the opportunity to vote via the Internet and US mail for their choices.


The Player’s Choice Awards covered 10 categories, including all-time favorite games in a number of categories.

Anachronism® joins Magic: The Gathering (All-Time Favorite Collectible Card Game), HeroClix (All-Time Favorite Collectible Miniatures Game), Risk (All-Time Favorite Board/Strategy Game), and Dungeons & Dragons (All-Time Favorite Role-Playing Game) as this year’s honorees, revealed in the August 2006 issue of Scrye (#98).

Fans name Anachronism Top Card Game of 2005  

Columbus, Ohio July 1st, 2006 The votes are in, and Origins Attendees have voted Anachronism® their Fan-favorite Collectible Card Game at the 32nd annual Origins Awards! The top five card games were initially eligible for the award, where 15,000 Origins Attendees had the opportunity to vote via the Internet. Anachronism ® is created by TriKing Games and is a licensed product of The History Channel ®.

The Origins Award, nicknamed the “Callie”, for the Greek muse Calliope, is among the most prestigious for recognizing excellence in hobby games publishing. Continuing a 30-year tradition, the Awards are announced annually at the Origins International Game Expo. The Origins Awards are given out by The Academy of Adventure Game Arts & Design, a committee of GAMA, the Game Manufacturer’s Association. The Origins Awards covered 12 categories, including games from Hasbro, Avalon Hill and Wizkids, a division of Topps. Anachronism® garnered more votes than industry titan Magic: The Gathering, Ravnica in its Gamer’s Choice category.

In further news, on July 2nd, Anachronism® was honored again when the Callies were announced for the “New Release of the Year” for Card Games. For the second straight year, Anachronism® won this category, this time for its Set 5 starter game, Cortez vs. Monteczuma.

TriKing Games and The History Channel would like to thank the Academy and all of their devoted fans who voted for Anachronism®!

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