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Posted on Jan 8, 2008 in Games PR

PR: AMD and NVous PCâ„¢ join the growing sponsor list for the 6th Annual MOTY

Armchair General

New York, NY – January 3, 2008:
AMD, the customer-centric innovation company and processing powerhouse, and NVousPC™, a maker of custom laptops, have joined The Art Institute of Pittsburg – Online Division, Logitech and the US Navy in sponsoring the annual Mod of the Year Awards (MOTY).

Considered the definitive event that showcases the best game mods and indie games in the world, the MOTY recognizes the mod teams and independent developers behind them. The MOTY is a tribute to the creativity, dedication and hard work independent developers put into creating unique gaming experiences. Each of the 5,000 entries in Mod DB’s extensive database is eligible for one of the coveted MOTY Awards. The award winners are determined by Mod DB site staff, industry experts and the gaming community at large.


Mod DB hosts the event and provides the ideal staging ground given its long standing history as an unrivaled platform for mod developers, game designers and artists to unite in effort to create game modifications, addons and independent games. Mod DB affords us all an opportunity to Play Something Different!

AMD’s recognition and involvement in the event is a major development in the “consumer generated content” movement in the game industry. Working closely with Mod DB, GMS and Design Reactor, AMD has integrated a showcase for the Top 100 mods and independent games within their game website ( The exposure this platform provides will launch mods, independent games and the developers behind them to unprecedented heights.

NVous PCâ„¢ is a laptop brand created and designed for the consumer by the consumer. NVous PCâ„¢ is the only laptop brand in the market that offers fully customized configuration (software, memory, etc) as well as personalization (custom paintjobs, engravings, etc) services for laptops. NVousPCâ„¢ will provide prizing to the Mod of the Year Award winners.

The eligible mods and indie games have been narrowed down to the “Top 100” and are available for viewing and downloading at both MOD DB and AMD GAME!. The Mod of the Year and secondary award winners will be announce on January 29, 2008. To experience all aspects of the event, please visit (