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Posted on Sep 27, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Air Assault Task Force Officially Announced

Armchair General

Shrapnel Games Brings You Death From Above!
ProSIM’s Air Assault Task Force Officially Announced!

Hampstead, NC, 27 September 2006

Long discussed on the Shrapnel Games blog, Shrapnel Games and ProSIM Company are pleased to make the official announcement that Air Assault Task Force is now in the works and is slated for release near year’s end. Air Assault Task Force will be available for Windows and will include an extensive, 100+ page paper manual.

With its roots based in the ATF engine series of titles (Raging Tiger, The Star and the Crescent, The Falklands War: 1982, and of course ATF), Air Assault Task Force is a brand new engine that represents the next level of command-time simulations from ProSIM Company. As such it boasts an impressive array of features that will be pleasing to both veterans of the ATF series and newcomers.


New players will appreciate the intuitive UI using a "select-unit, select-order" control scheme. While common to your typical real-time clickfest, in the past the ATF games used a "select-order, select-unit" paradigm, that while more in tune with the simulation aspect, was slightly troublesome for some users. Now any level of gamer can jump into Air Assault Task Force and instantly feel at ease.

Also helping are the brand new graphics. Using the latest in DirectX the playing fields still retain all the realism that ProSIM is known for, but make information analysis much cleaner than previously. Players will instantly be able to assess the situation, and when combined with the simple change of how units are ordered, it creates a simulation whose learning curve gently slopes, instead of suddenly spiking.

Old fans will love Air Assault Task Force for all the hallmark elements they come to expect from ProSIM. The weapon and equipment database is extensive and meticulously researched, the AI has been made even more cunning than before, the scenarios rich and varied with the option to edit your own, and of course there’s the multiplayer options. Additionally, as always, Air Assault Task Force is fully backwards compatible with ATF titles, instantly upgrading them. For example, you could load up a Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War scenario and play it with all the new bells and whistles that Air Assault Task Force possesses. That’s right, unlike other wargame series you never need to launch old applications, your games are always kept up to date!

Both new and old players will enjoy the three campaigns (and one mini-campaign) featured in Air Assault Task Force. From the green Hell of Vietnam to the rugged landscape of Afghanistan you’ll fight using airmobile, infantry, armor, artillery, and more. Air Assault Task Force takes you back in time to Vietnam, then to Somalia, and then the War on Terror in Afghanistan. The mini-campaign features two scenarios set in the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, Louisiana.

As the end of the year grows closer stay tuned for more news on this upcoming exciting title at both our website of and our company blog, which is accessible from the homepage. Air Assault Task Force, covering decades of airmobile operations, will be a must-have for fans of modern warfare. Ultra-realistic (there’s a reason why ProSIM titles are used for real-world military training) but eminently playable, Air Assault Task Force will set the new bar on realistic commercially available military simulations.

For more information on this title please visit its gamepage at , to pre-order now and save $5.00 visit the Gamers Front ( ) and for information on our diverse line of superlative strategy games, please visit our site at