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Posted on Jul 16, 2007 in Games PR

PR: Air Assault Task Force 1.02

Armchair General

Air Assault Task Force 1.02 Rappels To Your Desktop!
Patch Available For ProSIM’s Latest Title!

Hampstead, NC, 16 July 2007

ProSIM Company, industry leader in military-grade combat simulators for commercial users, and independent genre publisher Shrapnel Games, would like to announce that there is a patch now available for Air Assault Task Force. Available for immediate download, the 5.3 MB patch brings the retail version of Air Assault Task Force to version 1.0.

Air Assault Task Force Version 1.02 patch highlights include:

  • When playing in a Windowed mode in XP, and after applying a OS related security update, users could experience a CTD when moving the cursor outside the window to the desktop, and then back. This has been fixed.
  • Air Assault Task Force will now support literally ANY screen resolution that the user’s hardware can support. Simply edit the "settings.txt" file in the install directory to the desired resolution.
  • Various minor database tweaks. Some examples include a decreased Somali insurgent view range, adjusted lethality and vulnerability of attack helicoptrs, and aligned the values between Operation Anaconda and the rest of the game databases.
  • Various scenario tweaks based on player input. LZ X-Ray 1 through 4 have ammunition and unit changes, Mogadishu 2 has a fixed scenario termination issue, and Operation Anaconda 1 through 4 have various victory condition, unit, and map changes.
  • Thanks to Curt Pangracs, all operations orders are now included in a PDF format along with a link in the programs menu.

The patch, and full details, may be downloaded at Shrapnel Games from the following link: