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Posted on Jul 7, 2006 in Games PR

PR: 13,000 New Public Beta Slots for War Front: Turning Point

Armchair General

CDV Opens 13,000 New Public Beta Slots for War Front: Turning

Today marks the first day of the open beta of War Front: Turning Point, CDV Software Entertainment’s highly anticipated science-fiction RTS. In cooperation with File Planet, CDV is opening up 13,000 new beta slots for multiplayer testing. To sign up for the beta, please visit – .

The beta is designed to allow players the opportunity to offer feedback to CDV and developer Digital Reality, while also stress-testing the game’s multiplayer functionality. War Front: Turning Point, set to ship in September 2006, will introduce players to a "what if?" scenario combining an alternate timeline with an extensive selection of science-fiction inspired weaponry.


Once signed up, gamers will be able to download a multiplayer version of War Front: Turning Point. This newly released version includes the 1 vs. 1 map from the initial closed beta test, and adds an additional 2 vs. 2 player map. The beta version can be played against both human and AI opponents in skirmish mode.

Please note: An activation code will be provided to players through the File Planet system, once registered for the open beta; players that participated in last week’s closed beta will be able to continue use of their previous activation code, or input the new code that will be sent once the updated executable is downloaded from File Planet.