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Posted on Jun 23, 2007 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Playing Army Goes (Air) Soft

By Peter Suciu

With everything from sniper rifles to sidearms to heavy machine guns, airsoft does feature an arsenal of incredibly diverse firearms to choose from as well, and this has helped draw players with an interest in military history. Played as an organized game this game could be called the ultimate “first-person shooter,” and unlike a video game will actually help you burn a few calories. So while you should be fortunate to avoid real combat, airsoft offers the thrills with far less dangers but a whole of exhilaration.


Gun Types

Air soft guns come in several varieties including:

  • Spring guns, which are generally the most affordable. These are cheap and fairly reliable but must be cocked each time before shooting.
  • Electric guns run on a battery, and can simulate semi-auto and fully automatic firepower. These are generally more expensive than spring guns.
  • Gas guns offer the most realistic operation, and simulate the blow-back action of some firearms. They are not recommended for use in cold weather as the gas can freeze up.


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