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Posted on May 11, 2018 in Electronic Games, Front Page Features

“Play that Zero – I dare you!” KARDS Computer Card Game Preview

“Play that Zero – I dare you!” KARDS Computer Card Game Preview

By Rick Martin

KARDS – Computer Game Preview. Publisher: 1939 Games Lead Game Designer: Gudmundur Kristjansson Price: The base game is free but expansion cards will have to be purchased but the exact price has yet to be determined

Rick Martin

World War 2 themed card games have been few and far between. Two standouts that I played almost all the time many years ago are the fantastic Echelons of Fury and The Last Crusade. During this decade, DVG Games’ Warfighter has breathed life in to the genre and is considered a classic by many.

Now, a company out of Reykjavik, Iceland called 1939 Games is developing a World War II themed card game with a twist – the cards are virtual! While I was initially skeptical as I like to hold the cards in my hand – call me “old school”, I have been captivated by KARDS. KARDS is currently undergoing play testing and I have to say, it will be a winner!


KARDS is a multi-platform game. It will be available for the PC on STEAM and as a portable game for mobile devices.

Unlike the card games of the 1990s, KARDS can be played solo or as a multi-player experience. Each player has a starting number of virtual cards and then can purchase virtual booster packs to strengthen your army. To date, there are KARDS for the Americans, British, Russians, Japanese and Germans.

The individual KARD artwork is stunning and many different types of units are available. Each unit is rated for attack value, defense value and then special abilities. Each KARD is purchased from a point total which goes up for each turn the player is active. You then purchase the unit from the virtual cards you draw each turn. You also have an HQ which you are trying to protect. Each HQ has a specific number of hit points. As units attack the HQ, its hit points fall. If the hit points reach zero, you have lost the game. To guard your HQ, you deplay KARDS of various units. As you can see from the pictures in this preview, you have quite a few options to play with.

As the game is played, atmospherics help add to the gaming experience. If you chose the German side, you hear German music of the period; the same is true for the other nationalities. When units attack each other, you can hear the sound of battle and see animated explosions.

The game is still in its Alpha testing mode so many options are still being adjusted. Some KARDS are currently too powerful and can completely dominate the game but his is all being adjusted by the experts at 1939.

When this game hits the digital streets, Armchair General will be here to give it a full review!

Look out world – KARDS is coming to conquer you!

Here is the game trailer:”

To apply for the alpha test, simply go to:”

About the Author

A college film instructor and small business owner, Richard Martin has also worked in the legal and real estate professions, is involved in video production, film criticism, sports shooting and is an avid World War I and II gamer who can remember war games which came in plastic bags and cost $2.99 (he’s really that old

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  1. Finally. A review of a computer game. This one looks awesome.