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Posted on Nov 21, 2004 in Electronic Games

Men of Valor – Game Review (PC)

Armchair General


This is a very easy game to get into – but not always easy to play. One particularly difficult section in the very first mission had me stumped for about an hour. The graphical glitches are annoying at times and distracting and I hope they get sorted out soon. In addition, the fact that the game only saves your progress when you reach certain points made me feel like I was playing a straight console conversion, rather than a game that was specifically designed for both platforms.

However this doesn’t detract from the overall fun to be had in playing the missions through, and I would definitely give the game more pluses than minuses. There are also a number of references to various Vietnam movies throughout, and it’s fun to try and spot them all.



Apocalypse Now anybody?

The game comes on 4 discs – be careful if you are running low on disc space however, because although the box indicates that 3.00 GB are required to install, the amount of space the game takes up on my drive is actually 3.64 GB – that seems to be an awfully large error to make. In addition, as I stated above, there are already patches out there that correct a number of faults that are inherent in the game as it was shipped. You will also need to make sure that you have the latest drivers for your graphics card as Men of Valor uses DirectX 9.0C.

I was running Men of Valor on a P4 1.6Ghz machine with 512MB RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce Ti 4200 with an additional 128MB RAM onboard. As stated above, I needed to patch the game in order to iron out some problems I initially had, and install the latest drivers, and this seemed to work fine, except for those graphical glitches I mentioned earlier. Apart from this, I encountered no significant problems, except some minor slowdowns during some of the more intense firefights in the jungle areas.

Armchair General Score: 81%

52/60 — Gameplay
13/20 — Graphics
09/10 — Sound
07/10 — Documentation and Technical


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Andrew Summersgill

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