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Posted on Dec 5, 2007 in History News

Patriots Week 2007

Armchair General

From December 26th-30th, PATRIOTS WEEK 2007 will take place at various locations throughout historic Trenton, New Jersey.

PATRIOTS WEEK is a celebration of modern day patriotism and our revolutionary past. Tide-turning battles of the American Revolution are re-enacted with cannons thundering and musket fire cracking on the streets and in the fields of downtown Trenton with an exciting conclusion in Mill Hill Park.

During the week, history buffs can delve into the minds of Revolutionary War Generals as war strategies are discussed in a live round table setting. The civic minded can decide the fate of colonial defendants during an interactive trial where the audience is the jury.

Visitors will discover Trenton’s integral role in the revolution and will witness Washington crossing the Delaware to defeat the Hessians at Washington Crossing State Park where there will be a living military history exhibit at the Swann Historical Foundation and see the life of a revolutionary soldier while touring the Old Barracks.


PATRIOTS WEEK offers a stirring look back at America’s historical fight for independence which includes concerts, theatrical performances, art exhibits, and it provides a wealth of events that will leave visitors with a deeper understanding of this momentous time in American history.

Highlights of Patriots Week 2007

The Public Reading of “The American Crisis” –
The traditional kick-off for PATRIOTS WEEK, gathers people in the street as a re-enactor reads Thomas Paine’s “The Crisis,” an essay written shortly before the Battle of Trenton that helped rally Americans to the cause of the Revolution.

The Public Reading of the Declaration of Independence –
This reading will take place at the large outdoor mural depicting the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence – which took place in Trenton and will be read by a Thomas Jefferson re-enactor.

Trenton Battlefield Walking Tour –
This 10-block interpretive walk narrates the events of the two battles of Trenton.

The Capitol Steps –
The only group in America that attempts to be funnier than Congress, the Capitol Steps is a troupe of current and former Congressional staffers who take a satirical look at serious issues on Capital Hill, the Oval Office and around the world. Tickets required.

First Battle of Trenton Reenactment –
Follow the action from the symbolic first cannon shot fired at the current site of The Battle Monument, down Trenton streets to a final skirmish in Mill Hill Park. In just a few hours, the rebel forces had accomplished the impossible by inflicting a crippling blow to the world’s greatest army.

Second Battle of Trenton Reenactment –
Mill Hill Park is the scene for much of the action of the Second Battle of Trenton. This reenactment will trace British General Charles Cornwallis’ repeated inability to seize the Assunpink Creek Bridge, allowing the American escape by backroads toward Princeton. This eventually led to George Washington’s victory at Trenton and sowed the seeds for the American triumph in the Revolutionary War.

Colonial Feast –
Dine with President Washington and his wife Martha and raise a glass in celebration and enjoy an evening of Colonial hospitality, complete with period music and delectable dining. Tickets required.

New Citizens Swearing-In Ceremony –
The United States was built on the promise of a new beginning, and for these newly naturalized citizens, their journey as Americans begins.

State House Civics Tour –
The legislative process is revealed in this informative tour of the New Jersey State House, the second oldest state capitol building in continuous operation in the United States. Learn about the history and structure of state government and how laws that shape New Jersey are put into action.

Hidden Treasures of the State House –
Take a peek behind the scenes to see details rarely seen by visitors. View a meticulously rendered marquetry mural of downtown Trenton, contemplate The Dawn of Law, a bas-relief marble installation, see the construction timbers from the original 1792 State House and take a descent into the basement to see the old furnaces. Reservations required.

PATRIOTS WEEK is also distinguished by its selection of programs designed specifically for children of all ages. This includes Colonial Songs, Singing Games and Dances, a Children’s Tea Party, “I’ll Take No Tea” puppet show, “The Battles of Trenton” puppet show, and “Joke and Dagger”, a swordsmanship demonstration.

While Revolutionary War Era sites, sounds and history may be the main attraction, that doesn’t mean that visitors can’t revel in all that Trenton and the surrounding area has to offer in the present day.

The Trenton Marriott at Lafayette Yard provides not only offers first-class accommodations, but is also home to a fine dining experience any day of the week at The Archives – the hotel’s premier restaurant. Meanwhile, only minutes away, is Chambersburg – a collection of some of the finest restaurants anywhere in the Garden State.

To learn more about the 2007 PATRIOTS WEEK celebrations – including full schedules and additional information on every one of the weeklong events (the majority free and open to the public) visit .