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Posted on Nov 20, 2003 in Armchair Reading

Only Known Photo of Lincoln at Gettysburg

Editorial Staff

These modern prints showing the crowd around the platform at Gettysburg and a detail from that picture of President Lincoln on the platform were made from the original glass plate negative at the National Archives. The plate lay unidentified in the Archives for some fifty-five years until in 1952, Josephine Cobb, Chief of the Still Pictures Branch, recognized Lincoln in the center of the detail, head bared and probably seated. To the immediate left (Lincoln’s right) is Lincoln’s bodyguard, Ward Hill Lamon, and to the far right (beyond the limits of the detail) is Governor Andrew G. Curtin of Pennsylvania. Cobb estimated that the photograph was taken about noontime, just after Lincoln arrived at the site and before Edward Everett’s arrival, and some three hours before Lincoln gave his now famous address.




  1. BORING!

  2. You can’t really see it. That sucks seens it’s the only known photo.

  3. What was Josephines Cobbs full name???

  4. The kid on the left in the third photo is a time traveller

    • George Noory? i’m listening to his interview now. He was standing like that to distract from his severe oversize shoes he found after traveling through time. So strange.

  5. Yes unless that photo has been tampered with as in the boy standing there, added in after the fact. If you notice as I do that in some way he just looks out of place and the hair style looks of the 71′ era style. Look at it again. I believe it to be as said! He just looks out of place to me?

    • 1971 era hair style? That’s pretty specific. So you can tell the exact year of a hair style from a grainy black & white photo, of a kid with a hat on no less? I know you probably listened to an Andrew Basiago interview, like many of us have, but dude.. Please. 🙂

  6. Time traveler or not, that particular young man is way out of place in this picture. Oddly, I have always thought so. His hair style, overall “healthy” countenance and demeanor (the way he’s holding himself) just do not “fit” with this image. He’s definately an anachronism.