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Posted on Sep 10, 2008 in Armchair Reading

November 2008 Mailbag

By Armchair General

Short, and to the Point
Love the magazine!

Sgt. Craig Retzlaff, U. S. Army
Milwaukee, WI

“Man Who Never Was”
Your “Man Who Never Was” [Spy Wars, May 2008] is an absolutely perfect piece. Every note hit precisely. Could not be improved. I am most impressed!

Bevin Alexander, Virginia

War Poem
Dear Mr. Morelock:

Enclosed is a poem written by my son, Joshua Burton. Joshua is twelve years old and an avid reader of Armchair General. We would be grateful if you would consider it for publication. We do not expect any compensation.

If you are not interested in publishing the poem, please let me know so I may consider submitting it to another publication.

Thank you for your consideration.



David Burton


The Aftermath

Oh how those noble men had died.
It was all because the great king lied.
So now I sit by my friend’s graveside.
Oh how his poor widow cried and cried.

The town is filled with shouts of joy.
People cheer for the great battle now past.
The mother weeps at the loss of her brave boy.
The wise old man warns that the newfound peace might not last.

The singers sing.
The mourners mourn.
The bell in the steeple starts to ring.
A new baby boy is born.

The soldiers have now returned.
They watch as their comrade’s lifeless bodies are burned.
They eat much good food at celebrations.
Yet in their hearts they long for the cold army rations.

Joshua Burton, Age 12
May 2008


  1. Love the magazine. I have been a suscriber for approximately 6 months.

    Any plans to discuss the naval battle of Guadalcanal? Specifically, the fate of the USS Juneau which was sunk by a Japanese sub? The Sullivan brothers served on the Juneau along with my great uncle Bernard Hunt. Hope to see something in the near future.

    Keep up the good work!!

  2. Dear Sir
    Referring to Nov 2008 issue page 72.
    Lt. Col. Cummings reporting for duty, Sir.
    I would start at dawn on the east coast,east of the new airfield, moving west & taking 1 bunker at a time. I would move the 9th battalion as 1 group formed in the shape of a horse shoe. I would have the 7 tanks leading & 2 bren carriers on either flank & 1 bren carrier in the rear. I would have the 105 mm howitzers & 81 mm mortars in the center. I would have A & B co behind the tanks & infont fo the howitzers & mortars, & C & D co behind the howitzers & mortars & infront of the rear bren gun carrier.

    Best Regards
    warren olson