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Posted on Oct 10, 2011 in Games PR

New WWII MMO Announced – Heroes and Generals


A new MMO set during World War II has been announced from the same development studio that created the awesome Hitman game. Heroes and Generals is now in the Alpha stage and applications are being accepted for gamers who would like to participate.

Heroes and Generals will offer a persistent online world where success in a game will bring about changes on the strategic map. Playable as a First-Person Shooter (FPS) the game allows players to join small to mid-sized teams to seize various objectives which influence the game. Vehicles such as tanks and armored cars will be available, and work is ongoing to create damage models which reflect angles of penetration against armor. Players also have the option to game as Strategic Officers who direct offensives in the game, which are populated by players gaming it as an FPS.


Videos demonstrating the state of the game can be found on YouTube:

Interested gamers are invited to apply for the Alpha here:

Following are some images from the game:






  1. i was wondering if you could release it for mac too that would boost your amount of customers when the time comes

    • I don’t think two new users is a big boost.

      • Yes, make a mac version please! That would be nice for me!

    • Mac Users can at least do Bootcamp. Not sure what that is look it up, its a way to dual boot with Windows so you can run games and apps.

  2. The lag made it unplayable… its really a joke.. never seen a game lagging like that since 56k modem.