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Posted on Oct 4, 2012 in History News

New Battle of Edgehill Website

By Armchair General

A new Website,, explores the August 22, 1642, battle of Edgehill where the army of England’s King Charles I clashed with the forces of Parliament. It was the first pitched battle of the English Civil War.

Every significant point on the battlefield is represented by a clickable icon that brings up information about the location. Black skulls represent areas where mass graves or numerous skeletons have been found. The Photographs & Public Paths button brings up a map overlaid with camera icons. Click on one and you get a photograph of the spot.

There are numerous other features, but all in all, this site offers a great way to "tour" the field of the first battle of the English Civil War. The description of the battle used on the site comes from one of our partner publications, Military History magazine.



  1. The best site of any battlefield I’ve seen.

  2. This is a great website. The account of the battle is excellent there is the best sentence I have seen in a while:

    “Patrick Ruthven, Earl of Forth, whose bouts with the bottle were legendary. Nearing 70, his age and expanding girth seemed to argue for retirement, but he was a good soldier with much left to give.

    Edgehill was a lost opportunity for the Cavaliers. The rebellion would have continued, but the royalists would have had the upper hand, had the cavalry attacked the parliamentary infantry from behind.

  3. its edward lake not richard his father. my city Edmonton is named after the lake baronetcy.