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Posted on Oct 8, 2007 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Mustangs and Legends

By Paul Glasser

As each plane pulled up from its attack run, a series of explosive charges were detonated creating a chain of fireballs. The Lancaster made the final attack, triggering a massive number of simultaneous explosions that covered the entire length of the runway! As the Lancaster pulled away, the entire sky was covered by a thick black cloud of smoke.

In addition to hours of exhilarating displays by civilian and military pilots, spectators could also tour a static display that included dozens of authentic warbirds and several living history demonstrations.

P-51s were the most common planes on display, and included a number of famous examples, such as Scat VII, piloted by celebrated ace Robin Olds. 


The exploits of Olds, who died in June, were recently featured on the History Channel program “Dogfights.” Olds became an ace on the P-38 lightning but also had 12 kills in the P-51. He retired as a Brigadier General in 1973 and also flew F-4s in Vietnam.



Several unique P-51s were also on display, including an early P-51a and the Precious Metal. The Precious Metal is a sleek racer that features two sets of contra-rotating propellers. The plane clocked in a 407 mph at the 2003 air race in Reno, Nev., and won a bronze medal.



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