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Posted on Jun 23, 2007 in Armchair Reading

Most Realistic War Films

By Stuart Kohn

Your latest issue had an article on the most realistic war films.  The end of the article noted some films that you thought were examples of the most unrealistic movies, and to my chagrin you listed on of my favorite war films, Kelly’s Heroes.  While the basic premise of a heist was a bit preposterous, the film actually had much realism in it.  For instance, the final battle in the film was perhaps the most realistic depiction of urban armored combat that I have seen on film.  Additionally, the film had realistic looking Sherman and Tiger tanks — this is a far cry from the post-WWII armored vehicles often used in war films as substitutes for the real thing.  Finally, the film depicted the recon troop of the 35th Infantry Division and a platoon from the 6th Armored Division engaged in combat around Nancy, France in the fall of 1944, as those same units did in real life at that time.


Stuart Kohn

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