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Posted on May 9, 2014 in Stuff We Like

Mosin Nagant Giveaway for May 2014

Mosin Nagant Giveaway for May 2014

By Brian King

Enter to win this prize package valued at $200! — Armchair General magazine is proud to offer a gift card enabling the recipient to exchange the card for a working piece of military history! The gift card can be used for a Mosin Nagant M91/30 bolt action rifle. This is a true piece of history with various models of the Mosin Nagant serving in militaries and recreational shooting since 1891! This particular model is listed as used surplus, so its actual combat service (if any) is unknown. To supplement this piece of history, Armchair General will also include protective eyewear and ear protection so you can hit the field well prepared. Ammo must be purchased separately.

US Residents only. See full list of terms and conditions for details. Photo showing the rifle in action from Enemy at the Gates. Your experience may vary.

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  1. This is a great forum, highly recommend it!

  2. Is a nice thought, but can’t get the log in to work. Would love to register to win…but.

  3. Great Site, great forums, great folks!

  4. im trying to find a panel discussion from Sunday 7/27/14 where the topic was World Wars. one of the panelist was Dr. Graydon A Tunstall, Jr. I was not able to view this and now I cant find it to view. Please send me a link. Thank you

    • Sharon, are you thinking of a program you saw on the History Channel, perhaps? We aren’t affiliated with them, or any TV network. Sorry we can’t be of help.

  5. Sorry guys, but I don’t log into a website with either Facebook or Twitter! The way I see it is there is absolutely no valid reason for you or anybody else to know who my family and/or friends (or the folks on Twitter who follow me or whom I follow). Nor do I want any application/website to be able to post on my FB page, or to post twits in my name!

    Never happen, GI!

    And so, if this disqualifies me from the giveaway, well — as we used to say back when, “Tut mir leid, dass”, “미안 í•´ìš””, “Xin lá»—i”, or just “Sorry ’bout that, mate”.