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Posted on Jun 6, 2004 in War College

Minute by Minute D-Day Timeline

By Shane Sohnle

The build-up of Omaha Beach. Reinforcements of men and equipment moving inland.  SC193082 (Click to enlarge)


08:00 hrs
On Omaha Beach, American troops begin ascending the bluffs.

09:00 hrs
German 84th Corps learn of Allied amphibious landings.

09:30 hrs
The press is informed of the D-Day landing. On Gold Beach, British troops advance one mile inland. Hermanville captured by the British.

10:00 hrs
American troops successfully scale the bluffs overlooking Omaha Beach.

10:15 hrs
Rommel is informed of the Allied invasion, and quickly deaprts from Germany to return to France.


10:30 hrs
German 21st Panzer division receives orders to attack between Bayeux and Caen.

11:00 hrs
Vierville secured by American soldiers.

11:15 hrs
Canadians capture St. Aubin.

12:03 hrs
Link up acheived by Airborne troops and British Commandos at Orne bridges.

12:15 hrs
Reports received of German armor north of Caen.

12:30 hrs
On Sword Beach, the British 185th Brigade moves inland.

13:00 hrs
Link up achieved by 101st Airborne and U.S. 4th Infantry Division at Pouppeville.

13:30 hrs
On Omaha Beach, American troops advance inland.

13:35 hrs
On Omaha Beach, the German 352nd Division reported to have pushed the Allied landing back into the sea.

14:00 hrs
Fighting on Periers Ridge, Sword Beach. Hilter conducts his first meeting regarding the invasion.

16:00 hrs
The Germans and British see combat between the areas of Bazenville and Villers-le-Sec. American armor begins advancing inland from Omaha beach. The 12th SS Panzer Lehr divisions are released from reserve status.

16:30 hrs
The German 21st Panzer Division assaults the Allies at the Sword beachhead.

18:00 hrs
The advance towards Caen by the British is halted.

19:00 hrs
On Omaha Beach General Huebner, 1st Division commander, sets up his command post .

20:00 hrs
The Allies secure Colleville-sur-Med.

20:10 hrs
The Canadians capture Taillerville.

21:00 hrs
On Utah Beach and east of the Orne River, Allied gliders bearing reinfocements begin to land.

00:00 hrs
Many Allied objectives for D-Day remain unachieved, but all five Allied beachheads have been secured, with a total of nine Allied divisions ashore. 


The Allied liberation of Europe has begun, spelling defeat and the end of the war for the Axis powers.


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  1. this is very good. i am currently in the 10th grade and i am working on teaching the class on the battle of D-Day. i see im not the only one who has done there home work lol.

    • i have the same name but im in 8th and im doing an exit project and a time line is required and it hasnt helped me much

      • i am in 8th grade and i’m doing a multi genre project that requires a timeline of events

    • Hey, my name is Aaron too and crazily Im in 10th grade and Im giving a speech on D-Day.

    • My name ISN’T Aaron as you can see…but I’m also doing a project on Operation Overlord (D-Day), I’m doing a childrens book, and I’m in 11th grade! I’m better because I just am (JK!! I just cant think of a good reason)!!! I just thought of a reason….I go to the top 26th highschool in the nation!!!!! Aw snap your jealous!!! JK luv u strangers!!!!!!!!! <3

    i am also in 10th grade..
    this is very helpful. 😡

    • losers GOD

      • Brad you are a numbnuts


  4. I an very pleased

    • me too

  5. This did not help me very much.

    • agree with theo

  6. i dont get any of thissss.. :/

    • Sometimes you need to look for the hidden meaning of things. Keep reading the selection and you will get it eventualy if not let me know.

  7. So I’m confused…What is the date this all happens on!?

  8. I’m 62 years old/young and r still learning ! Lol ! This really helps out to understand and see why so many decisions were made on that day. Thank you so very much for doing this.

  9. Nice listing; thank you. I noticed a small typo under 2000 hours, though: the correct name of the town is Colleville sur Mer, not Med.

    • Thanks for catching that typo, Brian. It has been corrected.


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