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Posted on Nov 24, 2010 in Games PR

Matrix Games Holiday Sale


Matrix Games says they’re "positively jolly" to announce their 2010 Holiday Sale. Keeping in their yearly tradition of great savings around the holidays, most games in our catalog are on sale for 30% or more off the digital download price, with a few extra special deals. For example, those with a special thirst for conquest can get the game by the same name, Conquest! Medieval Realms, for a whopping 50% off or $9.99 for the digital download! To make your holidays really happy, we also arranged to have a few recent titles as part of the Holiday Sale this year, including Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge, Distant Worlds and Storm over the Pacific.

Starting on November 24th and continuing until Midnight on January 10, 2011 , gamers around the globe will be able to purchase most titles in the Matrix Games catalog at 30% off or more.


David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games, said “Nothing quite says ‘Happy Holidays’ like a successful cavalry charge down your opponent’s flank and there’s never been a better opportunity to stock up on games that let you do just that. Don’t snooze too much from that Thanksgiving turkey and miss these great savings! Our new store makes it easier than ever to purchase from us and our Game on Demand boxed copy is a perfect present for your favorite wargamer – it comes shrink wrapped and our Standard editions include a printed manual for a present with some extra weight.”

This year has been busy for the “wargaming elves” at Matrix as there have been many quality products added to our lineup. Here’s brief rundown of all the new games added to our catalog just in time for the holidays:

  • Field of Glory – Ancients turn-based wargaming at its finest with plenty of expansions including the upcoming Swords and Scimitars.
  • Distant Worlds – Award winning and acclaimed by critics and gamers alike, conquer a vast living galaxy right on your PC!
  • Across the Dnepr: Second Edition – Can the Blitzkrieg be stopped? The award-winning SSG team lets you answer that question yourself!
  • World War One Gold – The intense action of the First World War comes without the trenchfoot in this turn-based grand strategy hit.
  • Command Ops: Battles from the BulgeCommand Ops lets gamers assess, plan, order and react at the operational level just like a real Corps, Division and Brigade commander!
  • Storm over the Pacific – The creators of WW2: Time of Wrath take their turn-based grand strategy skills to the Pacific theater.
  • Close Combat – Last Stand Arnhem – The highly enhanced remake of an old classic has been storming (and blowing up) the bridges of the low countries since this summer!
  • Battlefield Academy – This turn-based strategy game like no other has been dazzling the critics and WWII fans alike!
  • Decisive Campaigns: The Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris – Well researched and packed with depth, The Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris uses a unique card system to simulate the tough strategic and operational choices of the Early War period.
  • Larry Bond’s Harpoon – Ultimate Edition – Naval warfare fan? Harpoon – Ultimate Edition is the best and most comprehensive compilation of computer Harpoon games ever assembled!
  • Revolution Under Siege – A pivotal moment history often neglected is covered in all its glory in this turn-based grand strategy game on the Russian Revolution.

The full list of games on sale is over sixty titles, so suffice it to say that most all of the titles from Matrix are on sale for somewhere between 25% – 33%, with a couple of gems even 50% off. 

The complete list of games and prices can be found here