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Posted on Oct 3, 2006 in History News

Mark H. Walker's Debut Novel Out Now!

Armchair General

Abrams Tanks Battle Genetically Enhanced Super Humans. World Hangs in Balance.

The remnants of America’s military fight for freedom against robotic weapon platforms, purebred warriors and vampiric assassins  in game designer, book author, Mark H. Walker’s debut novel, A Craving for Blood.

craving_cover.gifIt’s 2341, and Earth (Terra) has expanded into a multi-planet confederation policed by the strong arm of the Terran Defense Force (TDF). Using potent biped weapon platforms called CATs, tanks, and power-armored troops, the TDF wages Terra’s wars. But machines are not enough, Terra also breeds soldiers to pilot her CATs. Faster, smarter, and bigger than natural born humans, the Purebreds are the ultimate warriors. Or are they?

Battles are one thing, but assassinations, covert operations, and infiltrations are another. To handle the darker side of war the TDF geneticists have created the Assassins. Blindingly fast, unbelievably strong, and psychically enhanced, the Assassins are a match for ten Purebreds… and oh yeah, there’s a twist.


To ensure they love their work, Assassins are bred to be vampires. Not the God fearing, day loathing, cooking herb impaired vampires of myth, but rather super humans with a craving for blood. The CATS, the Purebreds, and the Assassins combine to make the TDF a formidable force, but not an unstoppable one.

Against the TDF juggernaut stands one woman and the inhabitants of a small planet called Sediana. Exiled from Earth generations past, the Sedianans fight to free their planet with ancient Terran Abrams tanks, Bradley IFVs, and M4 assault rifles. Leading them is an Apache warrior, a former U.S. army general, and an Assassin who rebels not only against the TDF, but her genetic cravings as well. Together they stand against the might of Terra, and the TDF’s desire to win at any cost, even if they must turn Sediana into nothing more than radioactive rock to do so.

What the people say…

“If you like the idea of a retro tank fleet engaging a future world’s high tech weaponry, you’ll love Mark Walker’s A Craving for Blood.”  John Antal, author of Proud Legions.

“Once you start reading Walker’s blood-and-thunder saga, you’ll be hooked.” William R. Trotter, author of Warrenr’s Beastie.

“Walker has combined a Tom Clancy-like grasp of near future war with an Underworld-esque heroine to produce an novel that military adventurists and macabre science fiction aficionados alike will treasure."  Jim Zabek, Executive Editor, The Wargamer

Mark H. Walker is a former Naval Officer and Explosive Ordnance Disposal diver. He has penned over forty non-fiction books and written hundreds of articles for major publications such as Autoweek, Alaska Airlines Magazine, Playboy, Computer Games Strategy Plus, Sierra Interaction, PCGamer, The Armchair General, and Computer Gaming World. A Craving for Blood is his first novel. You may order the book from BookLocker.