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Posted on Nov 19, 2010 in Games PR

Making History II Patched to v1.2


Muzzy Lane has released a new patch for Making History II which updates the game to version 1.2.  Included in this patch are new features, fixes, and content which range from modified difficulty levels to improved military content.

The full release notes follow:


New Features
– Modified setting the display unit for unit groups to be persistent across saving and loading a game
– Switch debt stability modifier system over to use percent of annual revenue instead of absolute values
– Updated and modified Difficulty Levels
– Modified UnitOrderLoadOnCarrier so it would load as many of the specified units as it could onto the carrier. If no units were specified, it tries to load all the units that will fit.
– Added decision point when a region wants to revolt and join another nation
– Added logic to create a small militia when a region secedes and forms a new nation


Bug Fixes
– Fixed crash caused by Units moving between being fogged and not fogged
– Fixed bug that could cause loaded games to stall at end of turn processing
– Improved handling of military access agreements
– Fixed bug in display of move arrows
– Fixed bug creating access tickets after loading a save game
– Fixed bug in HandleNationAnnexedEvent where engagements were removed without updating UnitGroup eStatus
– Take fuel consumption into account when computing turns to destination
– Fixed crash that occurred when a unit was destroyed during rebasing
– Fix a bug where a new engagement wouldn’t start if there was a 3rd party in a region when a battle ends
– Fixed some transient errors when client units were moving

– Add notifications for diplomatic relations changes
– Fix displaying modified IPUs and Combat Strength
– Fixed some Army names in LDOP
– Updated graphics on notification pop-up
– Updated graphics on main menu notification options
– Set new defaults for notification pop-ups
– Created close button for Research Tree rather than minimize
– Changed Summary Icon for Government Programs to use hat rather than binoculars
– Add Canned Goods and Fish Products into Last Turn Income total on Last Turn Summary panel
– Format City Maintenance Costs in city panel
– Conformed a few tool tips on Government & Region panels
– Fixed some Tool tips and text on the Production & Military list panels
– Resized Appliance icon to fit
– Added national debt/surplus to tooltip on government panel
– Fixed Colony/Puppet tooltip on Nation Subordinates panel
– Reduced height of Right Click menus to lessen their overall size
– Revised basic unit bubble
– Fix text clipping on unit range property
– Using Speed icon rather than Range for ships on Group panel
– Refinements to Group Panel to end property clipping
– Added new Weight icon for showing group transport requirements
– More refinements to Group & Unit Panels including Merge, Split & Combat Report versions
– Flipped selected state color from white to beige on queues & units
– Fixed some errors on the Combat Engagement panel and improved icons
– Fixed some Nation Decals
– Improved icon usage on some panels
– Continued work on Military Lists, conforming data/visual elements and adding tool tips
– Political map gets region color from Nation instead of NationTemplate
– Fixed text clipping issue for Unit Properties display on production queue bubbles
– Added Speed & Range to Unit Properties display on production queue bubble
– Fixed text clipping issue for Nationality string on Government & Diplomacy panel
– Fixed textbox size for project labels on City selection panel
– Fixed string clipping of project Upgrades on Region Assets panel
– Fix spelling of Delaware River
– Fix overflow error in the display of trade value
– Create and use text for leaving an alliance rather than using the text for joining an alliance
– Added Nationality Icons to Region list

– Update Diplomatic Relations effects from embargos, trade, treaties, and nation status changes
– Tone down routes considered when asking for military access
– Fix rare crash bug when loading onto almost full transport
– Fixed puppet AI so it will consider military access requests
– Fix script error when negotiating trade agreement with a puppet nation
– Fix bug with puppet treaty consideration logic
– AI no longer checks for embargos when considering receiving aid
– AI ignores embargos imposed by nations it is at war with when considering trade agreements
– Changed diplomatic effects of declaring war to not affect relationship between master nation and puppets
– Fixed bug where Militia would not be used to take undefended regions
– Added ProductionMode, allows emergency military buildup mode in addition to economic buildup mode
– Fixed bug with AI thinking it was done with city development too soon
– Fix for bug where AI could ask for military access to attack the nation it is asking military access from
– Added logic to handle decision point requests from seceding regions to join nation (accepts when at war, declines otherwise)
– Fixed bug in Production AI where prerequisite for a military unit was incorrectly disallowed in the situation where it was coincidentally the same as the next city development building
– Added ArmsCenter to city development templates
– Improved production of air units

– Improve military unit content across all scenarios
– Increase speed of TorpedoBoatDestroyer
– Changed Build pre-req Requirements for Escort & Light Carrier to eliminate the ability to get initial carrier without Carrier Operations
– Increased Range for ICBMs & Jet Bombers
– Edited inconsistent data item for AdvancedBattleship – display name was set to "FastBattleship"
– Edited inconsistent data item for SuperCarrier – display name was set to "FleetCarrier"
– Fixed missing Russian Historic Region claims
– Limited Ethiopian region claims to historic territories rather than the entire horn of Africa
– Fix Light Glider description
– Updated units for all scenarios
– Updated military access treaties for all scenarios
– Added positive diplomatic effect for political support of another nation
– Tuned behavior of revolt risk system
– Added missing region claims for Sudan in Red Sea Hills
– Added namer for Air Transport units
– Added missing UnitCapBombRegion to BasicCarrierFighters
– Improved balance of air, artillery, and armor units