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Posted on Jan 21, 2008 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features

MacArthur Memorial

By Armchair General

This article accompanies the March 2008 issue of Armchair General (Dispatches, page 19).

These images are artist renderings of what the new MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk, Va., will look like after the new expansion project is finished. Readers are encouraged to visit and join this great effort to help preserve the legacy of one of America’s most distinguished Soldiers and to honor all current and past members of the U.S. armed forces.

Click the thumbnails for larger images.


1 Comment

  1. A visit to the Memorial is truly a marvelous, educational walk through history.

    A must-see for all American families.

    Sadly, today’s children are taught revisionist U.S. history, denigrating the legacy and achievements of great American heroes such as General MacArthur.

    The Memorial highlights the splendid contribution to the war effort by our WW II and Korean War Pacific allies like the Filipinos, Australians, Chinese, and Koreans.

    Maritez Reyes Agag
    Honolulu, Hawaii