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Posted on Feb 6, 2014 in Electronic Games

Legends of Eisenwald – PC Game Review

By Armchair General

Legends of Eisenwald is being developed by indie game developers Aterdux Entertainment based in Minsk, Belarus, and is being billed as a ‘Knight-Errant’ simulator, meaning it’s a medieval-themed RPG with turn-based combat. The text is given in the style of an adventure story, complete with dashes of humor. Cues and clues are craftily written in to point you to the various game controls and UI items.

Frequent Armchair General contributor Jim H. Moreno provides a video preview of Legends of Eisenwald.



  1. Nice video, Jim! The concept of the game is not very original, the UI seems quite good.

    • Thank you, sir! As I said, this is just my first video, still room for much improvement.