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Posted on Jul 29, 2005 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features

Lecture: Assassination of Napoleon, by Dr. Ben Weider

Jim H. Moreno

Appendix B: Napoleon’s Last Hours painting

Napoleon’s last hours. In this famous artist’s conception of the death of Napoleon, more is pictured of significance than the painter realized. Count and Countess Bertrand are seated with their children near them. Marchand stands under the canopy near the bed. Illustrated clutching Napoleon’s will he helped prepare and which made him wealthy is General Montholon, gesturing towards Napoleon. Kneeling is the second valet and groom Noverraz, whose souvenir of hairs shaved the day after his master’s death would become evidence in the post mortem at Harwell nuclear facilities and at the FBI. On the bedside table is shown a glass of wine of the kind that, in Napoleon’s last days, contained a refreshing drink called orgeat. It was used to activate physician-prescribed calomel into deadly mercuric cyanide.


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